are dog barking collars safe
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Are Dog Barking Collars Safe?

If you are struggling with your dog constantly barking, whether you’re home or not, you have probably considered a bark collar and probably asked are dog barking collars safe?

Worry not as we will dive into how the bark collar works, whether they’re safe and if dog barking collars are a good fit for your you and your dog.

Let’s face it, if you live in an urban city like environment with neighbors, having your dog bark his head off may not be the best, especially if your neighbors report you and your dog!

Are Dog Barking Collars Safe?

In short yes if you are monitoring your dog. dog bark collars detect your dogs barking through the vibration of your dog’s throat, meaning other sounds won’t trigger it. Keep in mind that if your dog barks in his sleep it will still work so don’t allow your dog to sleep with one on, and it doesn’t fix the underlying issues.

How Dog Barking Collars Work!

in uncovering the question “are dog barking collars safe?” We first have to understand how dog bark collars work!

Dog barking collars come in a variety of different designs. Most bark collars today work by detecting your dogs barking solely through the vibrations of your dog’s throat.

That means that your dog won’t be punished for the sounds of other dogs barking in the neighborhood, kennel or daycare.

That also means that if your dog paws at the collar, it won’t be triggered

So What Does The Bark Collar do Once Triggered?

The dog bark collar vibrates and emits a small electrical current to deter your dog from barking.

Most bark collars also keep a count of how many times your dog has barked and also comes with various levels that you may increase or decrease to deter your dog from barking.

Now that you know how bark collars work, when considering “are dog barking collars safe?” Here are the pros and cons:


1.Stops the barking 

The bark collar does stop the barking if used correctly

2. You control the intensity

You are able to control the intensity of the collar based on how your dog is responding and how intense your dogs barking is

3. Punishes your dog or his barking 

It punishes your dog for behavior you don’t want. barking is self-reinforcing meaning the act of barking alone is naturally reinforcing. The collar punishes your dog for his barking

4. Excludes outside sounds

The bark collar detects your dogs barking through the vibration of his throat meaning your dog won’t be punished for outside sounds of other dogs barking or noises.

5. Works on its own

You don’t need to control it with a remote the collar works simply by detecting vibrations and keeping track of the number of times your dog is barking


1.If your dog barks in his sleep he will get punished

The bark collar doesn’t stop working just because your dog is asleep, if your dog accidentally barks in his sleep he will get punished

2. Doesn’t solve the underlining reason

Putting on a bark collar on your dog doesn’t solve the issue of why your dog is barking in the first place it only suppresses the behavior by punishing it.

3. Your dog may associate the punishment with something else.

Your dog has never felt a sensation like this before and can lead to superstitious association, meaning that if your dog gets punished for barking while doing something like walking past a tree your dog might associate the tree with the punishment instead of his barking.

Introducing The Bark Collar

The best way to introduce it would be in a location where your dog won’t bark and associate the punishment with something else.

For example, if your dog is chasing a ball and barks, your dog may associate the punishment with the ball and can be avoidant to the ball instead of learning to stop barking.

Doesn’t Fix The Real Issue

Are dog barking collars safe

Although using a dog barking collar may help, it doesn’t fix the underlining issue that your dog may be experiencing. For instance, if your dog is barking out of fear, the barking collar will most likely make the issue worse.

The best course of action to take if your dog is barking is investing in training and a behaviorist to get a better understanding of what your dog is experiencing, and how to go about getting your dog over what’s causing the barking.


There are pros and cons to dog barking collars, so the best course of action is the use of this tool as a last resort, as there are numerous alternatives, like teaching your dog a quiet command.

Ultimately when asking are dog barking collars safe yes they are safe but there are better alternatives to solve the real reason your dog may be barking.

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