Are Dog Training Collars Effective?
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Are Dog Training Collars Effective?

Are dog training collars effective? Is likly a question you may have asked yourself if you have ever considered using a dog training collar, your also probably wondering, what training collar you should even use and how do dog training collars even work?


In this article we answer are dog training collar effective and which one may be the training collar for you and your pup.

Are Dog Training Collars Effective? The simple Answer

Dog training collars are effective only if you have a clear understanding of how to teach your pup how to respond to the specific training collar.

What are the different training collars?

Are Dog Training Collars Effective?

When uncovering are dog training collars effective? we have to understand that there are a variety of different training collars from slip leads to e collars below, we will cover each of the training collars and the main reason you may want to use one with your pup.

Slip Lead: The first training collar on this list is a “Slip Lead” a slip lead essentially is used to begin teaching a dog how to stop pulling and begin understanding how to follow you and the leash. The slip lead works by increasing the discomfort your dog feels either when your dog pulls on the leash or you pull on the leash.

Prong Collar: The next training collar on the list is a “Prong Collar.” A prong collar is used similarly to a slip lead with the main difference being that when tension on the leash is applied the discomfort your pup feels is distributed universally around your pup’s neck instead of being pinpointed in one location.

E-Collar: The Ecolar is used primarily for “off-leash” work with a pup. The e-collar works similarly to the slip and prong collar except, the discomfort your pup feels is applied via a “Bluetooth stem” instead of a physical tactile leash.

Do Dog Training Collars work?

Are Dog Training Collars Effective?

You may be asking yourself whether or not dog training collars work or even if they’re effective. The answer is .. yes dog training collars work but only if you understand how to teach your pup how to respond to the training collar. 

To learn step by step how to use a given dog training collar schedule an in-person or virtual appointment!

It’s important to understand that the training collar isn’t a magic tool that you put on your dog and instantly get the desired response. You have to know how to go about teaching your pup to respond!

Which Dog Training Collar Should You Get For Your Pup

Are Dog Training Collars Effective?

 The specific training collar you opt-in for greatly depends on your dog and also your goal for using the dog training collar. Is your goal to just stop your dog from pulling? Is your goal to have more control when your dog is “off-leash”? 

All these questions play a major role in choosing the appropriate collar. 

If you’re still curious as to what collar you should opt-in for you pup here’s the basic rundown:

Slip-Lead: low – mild pullers

Prong-Collar: Low- Extreme pullers

E-Collar: “off-leash”, long distance control


Ultimately dog training collars are effective if you have a clear understanding of how a given collar is supposed to be used. 

To know which collar is best for your pup and learn how to use the collar please contact us here or consult with a professional dog trainer!

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