Awoken K9’s Five Core dog Training Principals

If you have ever looked into training your puppy, older dog, or just want to teach your dog new tricks you probably learned the same thing I did growing up; You have to be “alpha” the “pack leader” or just rely solely on treats and become a human “treat dispenser” for your dog.

I can tell you that none of that is true.


I’m Brian Gallardo, Founder of Awoken K9, and I’m an Awoken Canine Trainer


Awoken Canine Training (VERB, NOUN):


(V): Awakening your dogs true potential from the inside-out so your dog can thrive in an everyday real-world setting; developing your dog’s behavior so you can do more of what you love together with your dogs without the stress.


(N): The art and science of awakening your dogs true untapped potential.

Welcome To Awakening Your Dogs True Potential

I can tell you first hand that raising a young puppy or living with an older dog doesn’t have to be stressful.

For nearly 6 Years, I’ve been challenging the status quo of training dogs regardless of age, breed, or size to create a life where I don’t have to stress or limit what I can do because of my dogs behavior, instead be able to enjoy everyday life with my dog without limitations. I believe you and your dog can achieve this, too.

Live a Happy Fulfilling Life Together

No matter your dog, age, breed, size, or problem, I believe you can awaken your dog’s true potential and begin enjoying a life where you and your dog can thrive no matter the circumstances.


In fact, most important part of being able to create a life where you and your dog can do more together, is the belief that you can “awaken” your pup true potential, whether it’s setting your young puppy up for success or teaching your old dog new tricks.

Awoken K9 Training For Beginners: Start Here

We’ve all heard the phrase that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Id like to invite you to join a group of people who know, like I do, that the #1 secret to living a happy fulfilling life with your pup isn’t tugging on the leash, stressing due to your pup, or limiting your dog. It’s awakening your dog’s true potential. If you and your pup are able to awaken that untapped potential emotionally, in your relationship, and with clear communication – you and your pup will be happy. Awakening your dog’s true potential = Happiness.

The 5 Core Principals Of Awoken K9 Training

Below are the 5 core principals we train dogs by regardless of age, breed, or size! No matter what training program you and your pup opt in for we take you and your pup through each of our 5 core principals: Consciousness, Communication, Relevancy, Leadership and trust. Going trough our training program leaves you with a pup that you can trust to listen to you and begin making the right decision on his own. Completing our 5 core principal of awakening your dog’s true potential, leaves you with a dog you can do more of what you love to do together, without the stress!

Awoken Principal # 1: Consciousness

The Very First phase of Our Woke training system is essentially opening up your dog’s mind so that your dog can begin to see clearly and begin understanding that, your dog’s behaviors make things happen, whether that’s good or bad.

The consciousness phase is all about “awakening” your dog consciousness to become more aware that listening to you and taking our direction makes things happen!

It is also about YOU understanding your dog for who he/she is genetically and having a clear understanding on how to satisfy and meet your dogs innate needs 

Awoken Principal # 2: Communication

Phase 2 is all about creating a clear line of communication between your dog and yourself. Many times we may think our dogs know exactly what we are asking of them but that is not always the case!


That is why in phase 2 we focus on creating a clear communication system so that you as your dog’s owners can effectively communicate with your dog, what your pup is doing right, what your pup is doing wrong, and what we want your dog to continue doing.


Using this classically conditioned communication system we initially spend time teaching dogs the meaning of the words in our communication system:


Free: Tells your dog exactly what he/she did to get a reward, Also lets your pup know he/she is released from a given command


Good: Used to build duration in behaviors, Lets your dog know
“I like what your doing it keep doing it”


NO: Communicates to your dog that he/she did something wrong or to stop something completely


Once your dog has a clear understanding of the meaning behind these words we then use our communication system to teach your dog behaviors; sit, down, come, bed, heel, etc..


After we teach your dog behaviors we now shift into using our communication system to communicate to your pup and give your dog feedback on the performance of behaviors and his/her behavior in everyday life.


Because ultimately if we cant effectively communicate to our dogs what there doing right wrong and what we’d like them to continue doing then how do you expect your pup to have a clear understanding of your everyday rules and how to behave in everyday settings.

Awoken Principal # 3: Relevancy

Phase 3 is all about becoming relevant in the eyes of your dog. Let’s face it we live in a very very distracting world, we as humans get distracted in everyday life, from the sounds of cars, other dogs, people, smells, and even sounds. so one of the most important aspects in our WOKE training program is becoming relevant to your dog in a world that is unnatural for dogs and jet packed with every distraction imaginable.


Becoming Relevant to your dog is about showing your Pup that listening to you is important and that there is always a time a place for everything.


We all want our dogs to go play with other pups or people, sniff, run, and just be a dog. but we also want to teach our dog that when we give your pup any sort of direction they snap around and listen to us because we are relevant.

Awoken Principal # 4: Leadership

Phase 4 is all about being able to be your dog’s guide and show them how to behave in our big distracting world.


The truth is if we don’t go about being a leader in our dog’s lives and help guide them on what’s right and wrong we are ultimately leaving our dogs to figure out how to navigate our human world on there own.


So phase 4 is about guiding your dog on how to behave in everyday life so that our pups begin getting a clear understanding of what to and not do.

Awoken Principal # 5: Trust

Phase 5 is all about trust, building trust through consistency so that our dogs trust us and we can trust our dogs to begin making the right decisions on there own.


Phase 5 essentially begins forming lifelong habits through consistency so that we as our dog’s owners don’t have to feel like we constantly have to monitor our dogs to make the right decision.


Ultimately consistency creates reliability which creates trust.


When you’re consistently consistent with your dog you begin to create reliability that ultimately leads to a relationship between you and your dog that is based on trust. so dogs trust us and we can trust our dogs to begin making the right decisions on there own.

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