best dog toy for tug of war
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Top 5 Best Dog Toy For Tug Of War

If you’re a dog owner, then finding the best dog toy for tug of war is something every dog owner and their pup is on the search for!

Tug of war is not only a game that many dogs love to play but is also a great way to have fun, all while being able to fulfill your dog’s innate needs.

Playing & getting the suitable tug toy stimulates your dog’s brain, ensuring that your dog doesn’t get bored, become destructive, and develop other behavioral issues. 

How Do You Pick The Best Dog Toy For Tug Of War For Your Dog? 

The best dog toys for tug of war are small enough to hide yet big enough for your dog to bite.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. You want a tug that you can use dynamically while playing, such as getting your dog to chase the tug, making him miss, then letting him bite.

In this roundup, we go over the best dog toy for tug of war!

Contenders For The Best Dog Toy For Tug Of War

Jute Bite Toy

The jute bite tug is excellent because it comes with handles, and the material on the tug is jute which makes it easier for dogs to grab on to and get a good grip.

Fire Hose Dog Tug

The Fire hose tug is also an excellent option for dogs that are hard tuggers with tough grips.

This tug toy also has handles on the side, but this one is made of a firehose. 

The firehose tug is made of a more slippery material, which teaches your dog to bite down harder on the tug giving your dog more of a workout to stay in the game of tug of war!

Dog Bite Tug Toy 

This tug is also a great option, similar to the firehose tug but a bit more stylish in that it comes in camo and is also smaller than the previous tug. 

Smaller tugs are great for teaching your dog to finetune their targeting when biting the tug toy.

It also comes with handles to keep the drool from your hands!

Viper Synthetic K9 Tug Toy 

The Viper Synthetic tug toy is excellent for younger pups than the previous firehose tugs!

The synthetic material makes it easier for a young dog to bite on.

If you want to begin teaching a dog that has never played tug, this is a great option to get invested in the game with you!

Starmark DuraFoam Ball

The Starmark Durafoam ball is one of the best tug toys you can get for those dogs who love balls and playing tug!

It’s the best of both worlds in that you can play a good game of tug with your dog and also toss if your pup enjoys playing fetch!

This tug toy is recommended for experienced dogs that know how to “drop” the toy

The Best Dog Toy For Tug Of War

The best dog toy for tug of war is dependent on your specific dog, your dog’s age, and how strong of a “biter” your dog is. 

Here are the best dog toys for tug of war for three types of dogs.

Young Dogs

Viper Synthetic K9 Tug Toy 

This is the best toy for young dogs because it’s significantly easier for dogs to bite on and enjoy the game. This is critical for dogs who haven’t played tug because you don’t want to make the game so hard that your pup gives up altogether.

Older Dogs Hard Grips

Fire Hose Dog Tug

This is an excellent option because the material is more challenging, ensuring it lasts longer and is slippery, making the game harder for dogs experienced in playing tug of war!

Dogs That Enjoy Balls 

Starmark DuraFoam Ball

The star mark dura foam is the best of both worlds for dogs that prefer balls over just a regular tug toy. Good enough to tug with but also versatile to use as a fetch toy!


The best dog toy for tug of war depends on your particular dog. The list compiled here has tug toys for all kinds of dogs, from beginner to advanced. I recommend that you opt-in for at least 3 of the tugs on this list and test out which your dog prefers the most!

To learn more about how to properly the toys as a reward to train your dog and to awaken your dog’s true potential contact us here or Give us a call!

Receive your free dog training consultation and set your pup up for success! 

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