Virtual Cancellation and No-Show Policy:

Awoken K9 always attempts to send reminder emails and texts to your cell phone numbers prior to your appointment 2 days before and 2 hours before your appointment. Whether or not you receive a reminder, you must be present on the scheduled date and time. If for any reason you’re unable to keep your appointment and have to cancel or reschedule, we do require a full 48-hour notice by phone and in writing to If you are a no-show to your scheduled training session, virtual session or fail to cancel with adequate notice, your session is forfeited and an $85 cancellation fee is automatically applied.

We must be able to contact you:

Awoken K9 requires a valid cell phone number and a current email address that you regularly check so we can confirm appointments, send text and email reminders, and be able to inform you of schedule changes and unforeseen emergencies, as needed. If we call you, it’s critical that you contact your trainer immediately. If we attempt to contact you and don’t hear back from you, the owner, we reserve the right to give your time slot to another client who needs the appointment.

 Cancellation and no-show:

If, for any reason, you’re unable to keep your private, homeschool, or Virtual appointment, we do require a full 48-hour notice ahead to your trainer. If you are a no-show or fail to cancel with 48 hours notice to your trainer, your training session will be forfeited and an $85 cancellation fee will be automatically applied.

In the event of a true emergency, please contact your trainer immediately, and Awoken K9 will handle your specific situation on a case-by-case basis. However, keep in mind that getting stuck in traffic, last-minute requests to reschedule your dog training session, lack of child care, failure to check emails, voicemails, and/or text messages are not valid reasons to miss your appointment.

Awoken K9’s cancellation policy allows us to have sufficient enough time to contact another client who may be waiting for a training session. If your training session is included in a package, gift certificate, or stand-alone follow-up, failure to cancel by phone and email to without a 48-hour notice will void your appointment.

Lateness Policy:

In the event that you’re late to your dog training appointment, you may have a shorter training session.

Weather Policy:

In the event of rain, all training sessions will run as scheduled. In the event of more severe weather such as storms, training sessions may be canceled

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