Car heat and dogs
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Car Heat and Dogs : How Hot is Too Hot

Summer is approaching fast, and of course, we are all eager to bring our dogs out for a day of fun! While we all love to watch our dogs stick their head’s out the window in pure bliss, we do have to be careful about leaving them, even just for a minute, while we run into the store, house, etc. Many of us know it’s a bad idea to leave our dogs alone in the car for too long during summertime, but we also need to know just where the line is when deciding: “how long is too long and how hot is too hot?”, when exploring car heat and dogs.

Lets start by looking at the simple facts. A car that is parked outside in 70 degree Fahrenheit weather can easy feel like 105 degrees Fahrenheit inside the car within about an hour! We all have seen how hot it initially feels when you get into your car after leaving it parked outside on a warm day, and this explains why!

When determining how hot is too hot in terms of car heat and dogs, keep in mind that leaving the window opened a crack will not do much for your beloved companion, because unlike us humans, they aren’t able to regulate their body temperature by sweating. Instead, they expel excess heat through their respiratory system by panting, so dogs naturally have to work harder than we do to cool off!

Now that you understand what the temperature difference can really look like, and how dogs regulate heat, when determining the line for car heat and dogs should be a no brainer!

In the instance that you absolutely have to leave your dog in the car, it should be no more than 10 minutes at a time. You should also bring a spare key, so that you are able to leave the ac on for your dog. Also, provide him with bowl of cold water so he can cool off if needed, but most importantly, if temperatures are too hot, do not leave your dog in the car unattended at all!

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