How To Teach Your Dog Not To Bite You

How To Teach Your Dog Not To Bite You

Having an older dog with big teeth on your skin can leave you hesitant, confused, and even unsure on how to handle the given situation. Well, worry no more! In this article, we go over how to teach your dog not to bite you!  Why Your Dog Bites You Before we get into the specifics […]

Train Dog To Stop Jumping

Train Dog To Stop Jumping

Having a pup that jumps on your guest, on counters, or even small kids usually aren’t the most fun time for your guest or you! Learn how to train dog to stop jumping! In this article, we are going over how to train your dog to stop jumping, whether it’s on the guest, jumping on you, […]

7 Actionable Ways To Building Confidence In Dogs

building confidence in dogs

Have a pup that is a little on the insecure fearful side? Want to know how to begin building up your dog’s confidence? So that your adorable dog isn’t as insecure and fearful?  Well, then you’re in the right place in this article we go over how to begin building confidence in dogs 1 Understand […]

Muzzle Training a Dog

Muzzle training a dog

Muzzle training a dog has many benefits from preventing bites to making visiting the groomers or vet a breeze! Do you have a dog that you cant take to the groomers or have difficulty at the vet because your dog may be a “bite risk?” Well, then Muzzle training a dog is a great option! […]

Are Dog Training Collars Effective?

Are Dog Training Collars Effective?

Are dog training collars effective? Is likly a question you may have asked yourself if you have ever considered using a dog training collar, your also probably wondering, what training collar you should even use and how do dog training collars even work?   In this article we answer are dog training collar effective and […]

Puppy Training Supplies

Puppy Training Supplies

Below is a list of the recommended puppy training supplies we love to use here at Awoken K9 when it comes to training puppies!   Puppy Training Supplies When you bring in a new puppy into your home you may not have realized all the supplies a puppy may require from chew toys to crates […]

Training Dog to Heel

training dog to heel

When you get a puppy or older dog one of the most fundamental things you should teach any puppy or dog is how to heel on a walk. Let’s face it nobody likes being dragged down on a walk by their dog, nobody wants to feel like you just had a shoulder workout after your […]

Training Dog Impulse Control in 4 Easy Steps

Training Dog Impulse Control

Does your dog struggle with self-control? Having a pup that understands impulse control is critical in being able to have your pup live in harmony with you in the big distracting world we live in. In this article, we go over training dog impulse control with 4 simple exercises! What is impulse control in dog […]

Can a Dog Trainer Help With Aggression?

can a dog trainer help with aggression

If you’re experiencing a pup that is displaying some aggression in their behavior you may be feeling uneasy and likely are wondering can a dog trainer help with aggression. In this article, we will uncover the truth of whether or not can a dog trainer help with aggression! Can a Dog Trainer Help With Aggression: […]

10 Must-Have Dog Training Essentials To Train Your Dog

Dog Training Essentials

Want to begin training your puppy or older dog? If you are then you’re probably wondering what dog training essentials you will need to help you train your beloved pup. Below we have complied 10 must-have dog training essentials to set you and your pup up for success when it comes to dog training! 10 […]