Where To Socialize A Puppy 101

Where To Socialize A Puppy

If you just brought home a new puppy you’ve likely heard how important socialization is, but may feel a bit overwhelmed and wonder how to socialize your puppy and even where to socialize a puppy.   If you find yourself in this position, worry no more!  In this short article, we go over how to properly […]

Dog Training Tampa Prices: Cost Of Getting Your Dog Trained

Dog Training Tampa Prices

If you’re like most people, you want your pup to be adequately trained but are curious about the cost of training your dog by a professional specifically dog training Tampa prices.  Fortunately, today, we will go over various dog training Tampa prices and the service that may be best for you and your pup! Whether […]



The dog is one of our best companions as humans. It’s said that a dog is one of the most loyal animals to humans. Therefore, as dog owners, we must take responsibility and understand how to allow our dogs to thrive fully. Just feeding your dog or an occasional walk is not enough. Dogs also […]



Are you stepping into the world of dog parenting and wondering how much cost will be involved to properly take care of your little one? Well, you are at the right place; in this article, we have shared every cost from scratch involved in owning and taking care of a dog in the US. It’s […]

How To Teach Your Dog To Drop It

Teach your Dog to drop it

Learning to teach your dog to drop it is a must for every dog owner! If you have ever found yourself playing with your dog and ended up fighting with him to get the toy because your dog won’t let go of it. Or if you have been in a public space where your dog […]

How To Train Your Dog When You Work

How To Train Your Dog When You Work

Dogs are playful, happy animals that want to be with us at all times but if you work you’re likely wondering how to train your dog when you work. You see dogs have been domesticated for centuries and can even be trained to follow commands. While dogs make excellent pets, they do not make good […]

How Often Should You Train Your Dog: The Beginners Guide

How Often Should You Train Your Dog

Today, we will go over how often should you train your dog for everyday dog owners! I remember when I first started to learn about dog training, I’d go from blog posts to youtube videos trying to understand how dog training worked. It was super confusing and frustrating. This no-nonsense guide will cut out all […]

10 Insanely Actionable Dog Training Focus Exercises You Can Do Today

Dog Training Focus Exercises

I think you’ll agree when I say; Many dogs have SHORT attention spans. While we can’t magically snap our fingers to increase our dogs’ attention span, you can still get more focus and attention from your dog with these dog training focus exercises, regardless of the distractions, so read on! 1. Create Intense Focus By […]

The Best Dog Training Leash Length For Your Dog

Dog Training Leash Length

Have you ever wondered if a specific dog training leash length works best for a given occasion?  If so, then you’re in the right place in this guide; we dive deep into the proper dog training leash length for every occasion! The Different Dog Training Leash Length  Traffic Leash: An extremely short leash, usually 2 ft […]

How To Stop a Dog From Jumping on Counter

How To Stop a Dog From Jumping on Counter

Having a dog that jumps on the counter can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to cook; no one wants to have dog hair in their food! If you are ready to learn how to stop a dog from jumping on counter read on, for easy-to-follow solutions! Why Dogs Jump On The Counter Before we […]

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