How To Teach Your Dog Not To Bite You

How To Teach Your Dog Not To Bite You

Having an older dog with big teeth on your skin can leave you hesitant, confused, and even unsure on how to handle the given situation. Well, worry no more! In this article, we go over how to teach your dog not to bite you!  Why Your Dog Bites You Before we get into the specifics […]

7 Actionable Ways To Building Confidence In Dogs

building confidence in dogs

Have a pup that is a little on the insecure fearful side? Want to know how to begin building up your dog’s confidence? So that your adorable dog isn’t as insecure and fearful?  Well, then you’re in the right place in this article we go over how to begin building confidence in dogs 1 Understand […]

Muzzle Training a Dog

Muzzle training a dog

Muzzle training a dog has many benefits from preventing bites to making visiting the groomers or vet a breeze! Do you have a dog that you cant take to the groomers or have difficulty at the vet because your dog may be a “bite risk?” Well, then Muzzle training a dog is a great option! […]

Potty Training Dog in an Apartment

potty training dog in an apartment

Whether you just brought home a new puppy or adopted an older pup potty training dog in an apartment is one of the most important things you can teach your new pup to prevent any “potty accidents in your apartment! In this article, we go over how to potty train your dog when you live […]

Training Your Dog Not To Bark When Left Alone

training your dog not to bark when left alone

Have a pup that just doesn’t like being alone, find that every time you leave your pup your neighbors begin to complain due to your dog barking?  This can be frustrating to deal with but, no worries. In this article, we go over effectively training your dog not to bark when left alone. Training Your […]

How To Stop Puppy Chasing Cat Step by Step Guide

how to stop puppy chasing cat

If you have a young puppy you may have discovered that your puppy loves anything and everything that moves..including your cat! Puppies have no clue what to chase and what not to chase, in this article, we go over how to stop puppy chasing cats and teach your adorable puppy what to chase instead. How […]

Crate Training A Dog The Complete Guide

Crate Training A Dog

So you brought a new pup into your family, you’re excited and likely wondering why crate training a dog is important, and how to go about crate training your dog in the first place?    Worry not in this article we give you the ultimate guide on crate training a dog whether you have a […]

What Is Leash Reactivity? The Ultimate Guide

What Is Leash Reactivity

Leash reactivity in dogs can leave you nervous, unsure, and maybe even confused as to why your dog is reacting on a leash or even wondering what is leash reactivity? In this article, we go over what is leash reactivity, some reasons your dog may be leash reactive, and what you can do to manage […]

Aggressive Dog Training

aggressive dog training

Looking for aggressive dog training?   When you begin to realize that your lovable pup is beginning to display some signs of aggression such as; growling, lunging, showing teeth, and even biting you may feel like you lake control and may even feel… embarrassed to take your pup out.    How do I know this? […]

Puppy Socialization The Complete Guide

Puppy Socialization

Adopted a new puppy? Curious about puppy socialization and the proper way to socialize your pup?    Perfect, because whether your a beginner or a pro in this article we cover everything you need to know about how to socialize a puppy so let’s dive in!   What we’ll cover   What Is Puppy Socialization […]