How To Stop Puppy From Biting Leash

how to stop puppy from biting leash

If you have brought a new puppy home you may have realized that when you try walking your puppy he/she may want to bite the leash as if it were a game. Your not alone as that is a very common occurrence with young puppies. In this short article, we go over how to stop…

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12 Tips For Puppy Training

Tips For Puppy Training

Getting a puppy can be such a rewarding experience today we will cover 12 tips for puppy training to ensure your puppy is set up for success! 12 Tips For Puppy Training 1. Create a positive relationship:  One of the best tips for puppy training is when you bring in a new puppy into your…

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Puppy Socialization The Complete Guide

Puppy Socialization

Adopted a new puppy? Curious about puppy socialization and the proper way to socialize your pup? Perfect, because whether your a beginner or a pro in this article we cover everything you need to know about how to socialize a puppy so let’s dive in! What we’ll cover   What Is Puppy Socialization    …

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Introducing A Puppy To Your Cat!

introducing a puppy to your cat

Just brought in a new puppy to your family? curious whether your puppy and cat can get along? Well, they can! Heres how to have a stressfree seamless transition to introducing a puppy to your cat! Whats Experience Does Your Cat Have? When introducing a puppy to your cat it’s first important to fully understand…

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