Do You Lack Control?

Dog obsessed with other dog

When dealing with a dog obsessed with other dog, one can feel uneasy because your lovely companion is perfect, but reacts to certain situations and stimuli. Whether it’s dog to dog aggression or a pup that just wants to play with every dog he encounters, this problem is one that should be managed! Why Your […]

Why Your Dog Won’t​ Listen Outside

Dog won't listen outside

Do you feel like no matter what you do your dog won’t listen outside? You are not alone many dog owners find themselves in the same position. One where you teach your dog something indoors and your pup does it perfectly, but the moment that you go outside its as if he lost it all! […]

Aggressive​ Dog Transformed

Aggressive dog

Is your dog aggressive? Do you have a dog that lunges, barks, and bites? Well, you are not alone. I’ve helped many owners overcome this issue by teaching their dog a better way to behave! Buster, the Beagle, had issues when it came to walking on the leash and encountering another dog. At just the […]

Managing Excitement!

Positive Reinforcement

Have you dealt with an overly excited dog? Are you tired of having to constantly supervise your dog every time guests come over? Is your dog jumping on everyone that comes to your house? This is a common occurrence, and you are not alone! Many dogs have rude greeting habits, and of course, how can […]

Drop It | A Command Every Dog Should Know

Here’s how to teach your dog “drop it” a command to teach your dog to drop what he has in his mouth! Movement is motivating! The idea behind immobilizing the toy is that, it’s not fun for your dog to play with an object that’s not moving. So the very moment your dog lets go, […]

Motivate Your Dog In Obedience Training

Do you know how to motivate your dog? That is the first question one must ask when training and teaching your dog anything! Finding out what motivates your dog makes the process of teaching them faster and more rewarding! Here, we speak about a couple different rewards that motivate your dog, and how we use […]

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