Crate Training Your Dog
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Crate Training Your Dog Made Easy

Virtually every pet owner, including you, will need to start crate training to have their dog comfortably stay in a crate at one time or another.

This might include transportation purposes, or can just be for a small period of time when no one will be home to look after your dog. Some of the benefits include: house breaking, independence, and introduction to teaching your dog what he can and can’t chew on.

Dog crate training can be difficult at times, but can be made worse by the owner that doesn’t take the right approach.

On the other hand, if done right, dog crate training can be a very useful management tool for even the most stubborn of dogs. Here are some quick tips on how to do this right:

First thing you have to do is make sure that your crate is the right size for your dog.

Most dogs like crates because instinctively they want to sleep in something small; this makes them feel secure and protected, the same way most humans like a blanket or sheet over them when they sleep.

A crate that’s too small is dangerous and painful. A good rule of thumb is that your dog should be able to stand up straght walk a full circle around the crate with ease and lay down comfortably. If you notice that your dog is dipping her head your crate might be too small. All the effort you put into dog crate training will be wasted if the crate itself is so small that your dog hates being there.

And of course they won’t feel secure in a crate that’s too big, so don’t go overboard in huge spaces either.your crate should not be big enough that your dog can pee one corner and sleep in another Most pet stores these days allow you to bring your dog inside, making it easier when choosing a crate the right size. Also, the salesperson at the store can assist you in recommending a proper size for your dog.

Be sure to make crate training something that isn’t traumatizing to your dog, especially at first. Simply forcing her inside and locking the door won’t help your dog feel comfortable in the crate.

When crate training, be sure to prepare the crate with a comfortable bed or blanket and a chew toy. Be sure to monitor this to ensure that your dog is not chewing on hi blankets but his chew toy instead. You want your dog to view the crate as a positive experience.

At Awoken k9 we make crate training a game that your dog ends up loving. Start off by offering your dog some food in the crate, this way, your dog associates the crate with food, which equals good in your dogs mind.

Make crate training fun by tossing some food inside, closing the gate gradually, and giving her more food for being calm inside the crate.

Another great tip is to tire out your pup throughout the day while crate training. Take her on a long walk, or take her to the park and play with her for as long as possible.

A tired dog is a happy dog, and with crate training this couldn’t be more true. If your dog’s very tired at night, she won’t be as likely to whine or cry when put into her crate. This way, your dog will associate the crate with a good night’s sleep and won’t be so hesitant to use it.

If she does whine or cry, be sure not to let her out, as this will only make the behavior of crying occur more every time you put her in the crate.

Awoken Tips

  1. Find an appropriate size crate
  2. Make the crate a positive experience for your dog
  3. Don’t give in to your dogs whining the first few nights.
  4. Tire your pup out before entering the crate
  5. Provide chew toys for entertainment
  6. Leave a peanut butter in Kong toys to alleviate you physically leaving.

Dog crate training does not need to be difficult or a stressful situation for you or your dog; it’s actually a lot like getting a child to stay in bed.

There may be some crying and resistance at first, but if you approach dog crate training with a positive attitude, and make it as comfortable for your dog as possible the process should go much smoother.

For more information on crate training your dog contact us here

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