Does your dog like being handled?
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Does Your Dog Like Being Handled? | Dog Training

How well is your dog when being handled by kids , strangers, or other family members?

Let’s face it, at some point in your dogs life, he will have to be handled by individuals he may not know from new family members, friends, kids, veterinarians, and dog trainers, so how good is your dog with being touched in different places?

It’s important that you teach your dog that it’s ok if other people are touching him – especially in areas some dogs may not like! For instance, the vet is a common place that your dog will likely have to visit occasionally, and its no surprise that for them to conduct a proper examination on your dog, they have to touch different parts of your dog’s body from their paws, ears, teeth, muzzle and more! It is crucial that you teach your dog to get comfortable with being handled and touched in different parts of his body, not only by you, but different people, too! The last thing anyone wants is for their dog to become a bite risk because he or she just doesn’t feel comfortable!

Some ways to get your dog to be more comfortable with being handled and touched in different parts of his body he may find uncomfortable, is by making it a positive experience for your dog, showing him that being touched is no big deal!

First thing you want to do, is use your dog’s food or his favorite treats, and touch your dogs body spot one at a time. Start with the paws, as some dogs do not like being touched in the paws. You want to touch your dog’s paw, then reward him when he doesn’t pull back, or isn’t showing any signs of avoidance. You then want to increase the time you touch his paw rewarding generously until eventually you are able to spread his toes and play with them, without him minding or reacting negatively.

You want to repeat the same process for other parts of your dog’s body that he may find uncomfortable, with other people such as kids, new friends, and vets. You can get your dog accustomed to being touched by rewarding your dog every time someone touches him and he doesn’t react. Remember, this is a process for non-severely aggressive dogs only! Dogs with aggression issues have to go through a rehabilitation process in which they learn whats correct and what isn’t, have an clear understanding of whats being asked of them, and accept what we have taught him!
So, regardless if you have new puppy, or an older dog that is a little weary, teach your dog that being touched is not a negative experience, but positive one!

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