Dog collar vs Harness
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Dog collar vs Dog Harness

Wondering whether a dog collar vs harness would be better for your dog?

Well lucky for you we’re going to cover how a dog collar and a harness work and which one you should use!

Dog Harness

A dog harness goes around your dog’s chest which is the strongest part of your dog’s body.

The harness is also used by many in training and also everyday walks.

Harness and restraint

Many times the harness is used in training to create restraint within your dog to motivate your dog to want to do something.

For instance, if you hold puppy back with a harness while it’s trying to get to his other owner the moment you release the puppy flies like a rocket to the owner.

the harness is great depending on what context you’re using the dog harness.

What most dog owners don’t know is that the harness creates motivation for whatever your dog is being restrained from and because the harness is attached to the strongest part of your dog’s body your dog is more likely to pull harder.

When using the harness it can be difficult to give your dog direction.

For instance, if your dog is fixated at something it wants while you’re trying to go in a different direction you might notice that although your ability to turn your dog his face is still fixated on what your dog is interested in.

Harness on puppies.

Dog collar vs Harness

The harness is great for young puppies because at a young age your main focus is predominately socialization and exposure.

The fact that the dog harness goes around the strongest part of your puppy makes your puppy feel as if he is stronger than he is, which is a good thing when building confidence in your puppy especially in this big world of ours!

Harness to stop leash pulling

I don’t usually recommend using a harness to teach your dog to walk without pulling.

They’re some cases where dogs can learn to walk on the harness without pulling, usually due to taking all the proper steps as a puppy while also having a dog that isn’t motivated in any outside distractions.

They also dog harnesses that are created in order to stop your dog from pulling called the no-pull harness.

No-pull dog harnesses are created with a front clip in order to apply pressure to your dog and shift their weight in the direction you are trying to guide them.

Dog Collar

Dog collar vs Harness

The dog collar goes around your dog’s neck usually higher up because the lower the collar sits on your dog’s neck the stronger your dog can pull.

The collar is used for a variety of different reasons from simply using the collar for identification purposes to training your dog.

The dog collar is great if you initially teach your dog how to respond to the collar or you risk having a dog that ends up being desensitized to the collar and starts pulling.

Collar to stop pulling.

I Recommend the dog collar to stop pulling because you have more control.

Remember dogs see the world through their nose, guide the nose and control where your dog’s focus goes.

The collar works best in all-around situations because you can consistently communicate with your dog without having to say a word.

There also various different training collars as well such as prong collars, slip leads, and gentle leaders created to help gain more control on a walk and communicate to your dog.

For more information on Prong collars

Dog collar vs harness

The main difference in the application of the dog collar vs harness is how much control and more communication you can give your dog.

For instance, with a dog collar, you can communicate to your dog to sit follow you go behind you and more while with the harness it will be much harder because the harness is attached to the strongest part of your dog’s body.


Regardless of what you end up opting out to understand your specific dog and take the time to pick which would be the best fit for both you and your pup!

when considering dog collar vs harness, both the dog harness and dog collar are great for different reasons it’s up to you and your individual to determine which is best!

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