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Dog Training Classes Tampa

“Created with the belief that every dog is an individual, as well as their pet parents”

Our dog training classes Tampa with our individualized, balanced approach we ensure that you have a clear understanding on how your dog’s mind works, and shows you how to effectively communicate with your dog so that:


Your dog respects you and the boundaries you set


Your dog clearly understands what’s being asked


You will be able to transform your dog into the Best version themselves

Awoken K9 can help with

Awoken K9 puts a strong emphasis on your dog’s mind and creating a clear line of communication. We do this to create real word obedience, any where anytime. We realize that we as owners are constantly painting the picture of our dog’s view of our human world, thus comes the importance of having a clear understanding on now to teach our dogs how to behave in everyday real-world settings. We pride ourselves in our ability to help any dog, breed, and problem!


The ultimate goal with all of our training programs is to teach your dog to become the best version of themselves


Being that every dog is an individual the same way we humans are, we customize all of our dog training classes Tampa specifically to you and your individual dog

Whether you have a:

Dog Training Classes Tampa

Private In-Home Training

Private one on one training right in the comfort of your own home! Meet with our k9 training and behavior expert, where we are able to tackle any issue together with our dog training classes tampa. Here, we will guide you and your pup step by step through the training process!

Home School Program

Our K9 training and behavior expert comes to your home several times per week to train your dog one-on-one whether your home or not, then provide you with a weekly private follow-up lesson to review what your dog has learned.

Looking For faster results with dog training classes Tampa?

Highly recommended for owners looking to achieve significant progress in a short amount of time

Virtual Dog Training

Work with Brian our k9 training and behavior expert virtually one-on-one

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New Course!

Our Online Dog Training Course is the most complete course to help you awaken your dogs true potential, from home, on your own time!


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