Dog training collar
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Dog Training Collar | What You Should Know

Is a dog training collar right for you?

If you’re trying to train your dog you may be a bit overwhelmed by all the different methods and bits of advice that are out there today. Some advocate a very domineering attitude toward your dog and say that you need to firmly establish yourself as the alpha dog so your dog has a proper fear of you. Others say that you simply need to rely on positive reinforcement alone.

The methods we use is called a balanced approach. Starting the whole process with positive reinforcement and then finishing off the process by holding your dog accountable for his actions and showing him that his behavior makes things happen whether it’s a reward or a punishment.

Now these different methods and accessories might seem a bit harsh to some new pet owners, so how can you tell if one way of training your dog is the right way or is too traumatizing or if its even the best method.

Let’s take a closer look at a dog training collar and how it works in order to figure out if these are good items to use when training your dog.

Keep in mind that there is more than just one type of dog training collar that a person may purchase for their dog. Also be aware with all tools there is a proper way to teach your dog using these tools and is meant be used humanly as long as you know how to properly use the tools.

Some tools such as remote e-collars are remote controlled meaning the owner can send a signal when the dog is at distance giving her a minor shock. Others are sensitive to barking and give the dog a shock when she barks.

Others are connected to an invisible fence that sends a radio signal and when the dog gets near it, the radio signal activates a small shock on the dog training collar.

I tend to sway away from bark collars and invisible fences because with bark collar the dog can get shocked just for barking in its sleep which isn’t fair to the dog.

With the invisible fence if the dog were to run past a certain point beyond the invisible fence the fence would stop working. Your dog would have to get shocked again just to return to where he just came from and I don’t know any animal which would go directly into something that’s going to hurt him.

Now most of these collars have different levels of response, as it’s called. They usually start with a very mild shock and can be controlled to progress to something more uncomfortable.

If and when shopping for a dog training collar it’s a good idea to get one that does have this adjustable rate so you can set it yourself.

You do need to ask yourself if a dog training collar is appropriate for what your trying to accomplish. Much of this will also depend on the proper use and knowledge of the tools you intend to use.

In the wrong hands any tool can be abusive to your dog whether its a regular collar, slip lead, or an e-collar. In the right hands these tool will work wonders once you give your dog a clear understanding of these tools and how to shut them off.

With that in mind, always consult with a professional trainer before using a dog training collar to make sure you understand how to properly use them.

Regardless if your investing in a dog training collar always be proactive in training your dog. Concentrate on rewarding her for good behavior and hold off on punishment until you know she understands how to avoid the punishing and clearly understand her misdeeds.

Most dogs respond much better to rewards and reinforcement rather than punishment.

Excessive barking can be controlled by teaching your dog a quiet command then holding her accountable for not listening once your dog has a clear understanding of the command.

Regardless a dog training collar is a great tool if you layed the proper foundation in your training and you introduce the tools properly giving your dog a clear understanding of what todo to avoid punishment.

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