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Hurry, openings are extremely limited

Here's Why

Awoken K9 is not like any other dog training and behavior company. Our dog training programs are completly catered and customized to you and your dogs ultimate goal. We understand that every dog is an individual so we don’t just train every dog the same because every dog is different!

Second, you and your pup will receive unlimited full support through our online platform, emails, phone calls, and even text messages. That way regardless of where you and your pup are in the training program you always have us in your back pocket!

Hurry, openings are extremely limited

Hurry, openings are extremely limited

Here's the thing...

I don't want you to give up hope yet!

Instead, I want you to imagine what life would look like if your pup could thrive in everyday realword settings so that you and your dog can do more of what you love together with out the added stress.

Can you imagine having your dog listening to you everytime because of the relationship you have built?

It's Possible...Seriously!

We just need to uncover the underlining cause to your dogs behavior first, then create a clear communication system and build a relationship so that your dog not only listens to you but enjoys taking your direction. Leaving you with a confident and happier pup.

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Hurry, openings are extremely limited

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