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Dog Training Equipment | Starting Off Right!

It’s true that just about any job you do requires the right equipment. A chef cannot cook a steak without a heat source no matter how talented he or she is. Even when it comes to working with your pet, having the right dog training equipment can go a long way toward the success of teaching your dog right.

Now what is the right dog training equipment, and how can you be sure that you’re getting something that will help teach your dog? It’s good to determine this, as there are some products out there that are advertised as effective dog training equipment, but are really just causing a negative impact on your dogs training.

Some dog training equipment for this type of scenario might be a harness. A harness fits around the body of the dog versus the neck, which is more comfortable and causes the dog no pain when it’s tugged on.

A harness puts pressure on the shoulders and chest, which are of course stronger than the neck. The back clip harness was created for pulling, for example they are used on sled dog’s, so in many occasions this induces pulling and creates motivation for what the dog is pulling to.

It’s great for puppies, but not so much if want your dog to stop pulling. Another piece of dog training equipment is a prong collar or slip lead which when used properly teaches your dog about leash pressure and teaches them to follow you and the leash. Again, with all equipment you have to understand the proper use of them or else you are at risk of causing your dog harm.

Toys may also be an important part of your dog training equipment. Some dogs just need chew toys to be redirected into something appropriate to chew on vs your nice furniture.
Many pet stores have a plethora of chew toys for your dogs.

Of course, leashes and lines are also important parts of dog training equipment. Varying in different lengths, you may have to choose one according to what you’re trying to accomplish with your dog. If it’s training for off leash, you may need a 15 foot line, but if you’re walking on a busy side walk, you may need a 4 foot leash.

You will no doubt find that by using the right dog training equipment, you’re sure to have success with teaching and training your beloved pet.

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