Dog Training Essentials
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10 Must-Have Dog Training Essentials To Train Your Dog

Want to begin training your puppy or older dog? If you are then you’re probably wondering what dog training essentials you will need to help you train your beloved pup.

Below we have complied 10 must-have dog training essentials to set you and your pup up for success when it comes to dog training!

10 Must-Have Dog Training Essentials

Here is a list of the top 10 dog training essentials we use on every single dog we train, using these essentials will ensure you and your pup have everything you need to succeed in training your pup.

Dogs Food:

Your dog’s food comes first because early on in the training process we tend to use lots of food to teach your dog new behaviors, so why not feed your dog and teach them at the same time? 

Doing this will ensure that you don’t have to constantly go out your way to get new treats every day to train your pup!


Dog Training Essentials

The leash is honestly one of the best dog training essentials you can have at your disposal!

Having a lightweight dog leash is great for training because you have more control over your pup allowing you to guide your pup a lot easier than if your dog was not on a leash.

Some lightweight dog leashes we recommend at Awoken K9 are:

Leather dog leash

Biothane Leash

Dog Crate

Following up from the dog leash is a dog crate, a dog crate is an essential tool for training your dog because it has numerous benefits from potty training your pup to teaching your dog how to be comfortable being alone.

The Crate is a great training tool because you can use the crate to prevent your pup from making any mistakes while learning your house rules.

Elevated Pet Bed

The next dog training essential is an elevated pet bed!

We love to use elevated pet beds because we can begin teaching dogs the difference between being on the bed and off. 

The elevated pet bed works wonders when building your pup’s impulse control, teaching your dog to stay in bed, and beginning to teach your dog to remain calm.

Some of the elevated pet beds we recommend at Awoken K9 are:

K&H Pet Cot

Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

Long Line

Want your dog to begin listening to you at further distances? Well, then a long line will work wonders in being able to simulate being off-leash with the security of knowing you have control over pup at longer distances.

At Awoken K9 we love using long lines when teaching dogs the beginning off-leash reliability, coming when called, and following our directions at longer distances.

Some Long Lines we love are:

Biothane Longline

Leash Boss Long Line

Dog Toys

Dog Training Essentials

Dog toys are something every dog owner should have because every dog wants to play! We love using a variety of different toys because every dog is different, some dogs may love to play fetch while others prefer to play tug of war.

The reason we love to use dog toys so much is that we can eventually use dog toys as a way to reward our dogs for a given behavior instead of solely relying on treats. 

Some toys our pups love are:

K9 Dog Tug

Hyper Pet Frisbee

Chuck It Ultra Ball

Ball Tug

Treat Bag

If you are serious about training your pup you may want to have a good treat bag that way the inside of your clothes doesn’t smell like dog food!

A treat bag is also great because many provide extra features such as a belt clip, poop bag holder, and even enough space for a ball!

Here are some of the treat bags we recommend:

Paw Lifestyles

Leash Boss Treat Pouch

Chew/puzzle Toys:

Dog Training Essentials

Puzzle and chew toys will go along way as dog training essential.

 We like both puzzle toys and chew toys for giving our pups something to self entertain whenever we are directly paying attention to our dogs.

We like using puzzle toys to entertain pups whenever we leave them home alone or whenever we crate our pups.

Chew toys and puzzle toys help a dog also understand what to chew on and what not to chew on, it also provides dogs with mental stimulation!

Some chew and puzzle toys we recommend are:


Power Chewer




Whenever you begin teaching your dog boundaries and rules one of the best dog training essentials is barriers.

Barriers such as small pet gate are great for limiting what rooms your pup has access to while you’re teaching your pup the house rules.

Online Dog Training Course

The last and arguably most important dog training essential is a good dog training course that guides you step by step on how to train your pup.

Knowing what you doing right and wrong with training your pup is priceless! 

The number one dog training course we recommend is “The A-Z of How To Train Your Dog”


These dog training essentials will set you and your pup up for success,

Without stress. So start training your dog on the right paw!

To awaken your dog’s true potential contact us here or Give us a call!

Receive your free dog training consultation and set your pup up for success!

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