Dog training faq
Dog training faq


Here are some of our dog training faq

Awoken K9 training services include but are not limited to; on leash obedience and off leash obedience, puppy development, aggressive dog rehabilitation, confidence building, dog and puppy socialization, we use a balance approach to dog training so that we can take the relationship between you and your dog to the next level and awaken his untapped true potential. 

Yes, you can cancel and reschedule a given appointment! We do require 3 days notice, any cancellations done with 48 hours will result in a cancellation fee of $85

Awoken k9 uses a balanced approach to dog training. Our training methods are based on taking the relationship between you and your dog to the next level, focusing on creating clear communication. We are known for creating everlasting real world obedience and realize that every dog is an individual the same way we are so we do not limit our self’s to any methods in dog training.   

Yes positive reinforcement is the basis of our training program. We see the value that positive reinforcement brings. We do believe that everything is about balance in right moderation and timing we having a strong emphasis on your dogs state of mind

Some common tools we use are dog crate, prong collars, slip leads, martingales, haltis, treats, food.

We are known for being able to help any breed, any size  and any problem

With that said we realize that there many misconceptions regarding certain tools we realize knowing how to properly use certain tools humanly  provides us the opportunity to educate owners on the proper way to utilize these tools and be able to help problem dogs hat would other wise be be turned down by other facilities.

Yes we can teach your senior dog some new tricks!

It’s never too late to learn something new, whether its building his confidence socialization or just fixing any unwanted behaviors.

We pride our selves in being able to help any dog regardless of age, size and issues!

We recommend starting between 16 week and 6 months as that’s when puppy’s go through a critical developmental period

We accept all major credit cards, cash, checks, and Apple Pay.

At awoken k9 we realize that you are always training your dog whether one realizes it or not. From teaching your dog not to run through the door to not jumping on people. We view as training as a way of life.

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