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Dog Training Leads!

When you are training your dog, whether it’s a young puppy or a older dog that’s new to you and your family, you are going to need some proper dog training leads to start off training on the right foot.

Someone new to the world of dog training can be very surprised and overwhelmed with the many different items available to them, including dog training leads, or leashes. Like many dog training tools, there are different uses for all the different dog training leads, and it’s important that you choose the right one for the training session.

One example of specialized dog training leads are ones called traffic leads.

These types are very short and thick leashes that give you virtually no extra room between you and the dog.

The main purpose of these types of dog training leads are for when you’re in a lot of foot traffic, such as a busy city street, when you want your dog at the heel position at all times. When giving any more room on the leash, the dog is likely to start getting into other people’s way, causing more traffic.

This type of lead also gives you and your dog a greater sense of security because it’s so close to you and it doesn’t allow your dog to get caught in a crowd.

This also ensures your dog doesn’t have much opportunity to get into any distractions it might face. Even though these dog training leads are meant to be very short, they still come in a variety of sizes, usually anywhere from six inches for very large breeds to twenty inches for shorter breeds.

Be sure that you get one that is properly sized, and measure with a ruler or tape measurer your dog’s height in reference to your height.

British style or slip dog training leads are a combination of lead and collar in one.

They slip over the dog’s neck and work like a choke collar. I will advise against using these, unless you learn how to use them from a professional.

The slip lead is a great tool to introduce leash pressure, but again, only skilled dog handlers or owners should use these types of dog training leads and they should never be used with children or those who aren’t experienced with training a dog.

This tool is a great way to train your dog, being that it’s convenient and is teaching leash pressure. As with any tool, the wrong use of this tool can harm your dog when in the wrong hands, so learn the proper use of the tools you intend to use.

Other dog training leads are long and made of a rubber or plastic so that they can be used for training and simulating being off leash. These leads are great for spending time outside and practicing recalls, or even just hanging out! These leashes provide you a safety net while teaching your dog to be reliable off leash.

Choosing from all these types of dog training leads can seem overwhelming at first, but it truly isn’t difficult once you realize their different purposes and uses.

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