Dog Training Packages

Private in-home Dog Training packages:

Dog Training Tampa Prices

No matter what goal you may have for you and your dog, we can help any breed, any size and any problem. Our dog training packages has something for everyone! Dog training tampa prices for every pup’s goals.


2 Session - Stop Pulling
$ 319 One Time
  • 2 Private, one hour sessions
  • Stop pulling cheat sheet
  • Addresses heavy pullers
  • Addresses Dog lunging
  • Addresses dog barking/growling onleash
  • Addresses over reactivity on leash


5 Session Training Package
$ 799 One Time
  • Includes everything in Bronze package including the following
  • 5 Private, one hour sessions
  • 5 week obedience cheat sheet to use as reference
  • Creates clear line of communication
  • Addresses common behavioral issues listed below:
  • House training, jumping, nipping, excessive barking, minor reactivity, destructive behavior


9 Session Training Package
$ 1,439 One Time
  • Includes everything from Silver package including the following
  • 9 Private, one hour sessions
  • This is the ideal program for your dog to go at their perfect pace
  • On leash obedience
  • off leash obedience
  • Minor aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear


12 Session Training Package
$ 1,919 One Time
  • Includes everything from Gold package including the following
  • 12 Private, one hour sessions
  • 12 private, 30 minute walks
  • Perfect for highly aggressive dogs
  • Full off-leash obedience
  • Highest level of training
  • High anxiety
  • High fear
  • Competition style obedience
  • High levels of aggression


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