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20 Dog Training Secrets Revealed

Having your pup misbehave or just not listen to you can be frustrating as a dog owner, but worry not we created 20 of our best dog training secrets you can implement with your pup to achieve the results you want!


Secrets Of Dog Training 1: Timing Of Your Reward


dog training secrets


All great dog trainers know that the timing of when you reward your dog matters more than the actual reward!


The timing of when reward your pup will determine whether or not your pup makes the proper association between reward and behavior.


For instance, if you ask your pup to sit then, go to your kitchen to get a treat to reward your pup for sitting. 


Too much time has already passed for your pup to associate the reward and the behavior of sitting. In this scenario, your likely rewarding your dog for staying not sitting.


Secret 2: Timing Of Your Punishment


Now we understand that the timing of your rewards is important. We now have to understand that the timing of your punishment is just as important!

One of the most important dog training secrets is timing.


For dogs and puppies to make an association whether it’s good or bad we need to physically catch our pups in the act of performing the specific behavior.


For instance, if your dog had peed behind the couch and you discover it hours later, punishing your dog will have no effect. Your dog won’t make the association between peeing behind the couch and being punished and an hour later.


For any kind of punishment or reward to work you have to physically catch your pup in the act of performing the given behavior.


Secrets Of Dog Training 3: Your Always Training Your Dog 


You are always training your dog whether you realize it or not.


This is honestly one of the biggest secrets all dog trainers understand and you should too! 


We are always training our dog’s weather we realize it or not, from how your pup walks through the door, to how your dog behaves when the guest arrives.


It’s important to not view training as “training time” but more like a lifestyle because your dog will be consistently looking towards things that are rewarding to him/her. Use that to your advantage!


Secret 4: What You Reward Will Continue


It’s no mystery that rewards are important for training your dog but why?

The simple answer is because what gets rewarded will continue to happen in the future!


This secret is important because dogs are consistently looking for ways to get rewarded, whether that’s chasing a squirrel or jumping up on guests. 


It’s important to understand that what gets rewarded will continue to occur so reward your pup for behaviors you do want instead of allowing your dog to participate and get rewarded for behaviors you don’t want.


Secrets Of Dog Training 4: Prevention Is Key


When it comes to training your dog prevention is key in ensuring that your dog doesn’t practice any unwanted behaviors.


This often one of the many dog training secrets that get overlooked.


Think about it this way if your dog never chews up your furniture your dog can never make that behavior a habit.


Secret 5: Dogs Are Creatures Of Habit


dog training secrets


Do you remember when you were young and had to be told: “go brush your teeth”? As you got older you didn’t have to be told to brush your teeth because it became a habit, part of your daily routine you probably don’t even notice.


The same is true for dogs, dogs are creatures of habit so its important to consistently practice behaviors you want your dog to continue to do.


Its also allot easier to create good habits when bad once haven’t developed yet.


Secret Of Dog Training 6: Dog’s Don’t “Grow Out” Of Bad Behaviors


A common misconception in the dog world is that puppies and dogs will “grow out” of problem behavior, that is just not the case!


Dogs don’t grow out of behavior its the complete opposite te more your dog practices a behavior the more that it will become a habit.


Instead of assuming that your dog will grow out of specific behavior, provide your dog with an alternative behavior instead.


Secret 7: If Your Not Consistent Your Dog Won’t Be Either


Dog owners want their pups to be reliable and consistent with there behaviors. 


The truth is the secret to creating reliable and consistent obedience with your pup is for you as the owner to be reliable and consistent.


If you as your dog owner are not reliable and consistent how do you expect your dog to be reliable and consistent with you?


Secrets Of Dog Training 8: Attention Before Direction


This is a little known secret to many dog owners but is just as important as the rest. You need your dog’s attention before you attempt to provide any direction. 


We see this all the time owners that ask their pups to sit while their dog is focused on something else.


Before you attempt to give your dog direction always focus on getting your dog’s attention, the rest will fall into place!


Secret 9: Go At Your Dogs Pace


This is one of the dog training secrets that is critical to all dog training!

Many dog owners tend to push there dog too soon before being ready for a given challenge. 


Instead, go at the pace your dog is currently at and go from there!


Secrets Of Dog Training 10: Start With No Distractions


When beginning to teach a dog something new its always important to start the teaching phase in a distraction-free environment!


You want to make it as easy as possible for your dog to understand a concept.


Think about out would you be able to learn algebra in the middle of a party? Probably not, instead set your pup up to succeed by creating an environment your dog won’t be easily distracted.


Secret 11: Use The Leash


dog training secrets


This is one of the dog training secrets that you as an owner need to know.


The leash is a dog trainers’ best friend and it should be yours too!


The reason the leash is soo important is that its a lot easier to manage and control your dog when it’s on a leash than off-leash.


When your dog on-leash your just an arm’s length away from being able to interrupt your dog from making a mistake and instead help your dog make the right decision.


Whereas if your dog is off-leash you have no tangible way to being able to help your dog especially if your pup is at a distance.


Secrets Of Dog Training 12: Use The Crate


Use the crate to your advantage. I love using crates for dogs who do not fully understand house rules such as; what objects are appropriate to chew, where your pup should and shouldn’t pee, and more.


The crate is a great way to prevent your dog from practicing unwanted behaviors while learning good behaviors.


Secret 13: Time and Place


This like many dog training secrets is gold! As dog owners, you always want to teach your dog that there is a time and place for everything.


For instance, you want to begin teaching your pup that there is a time and place to play with other dogs and also a time and place where you and your dog just want to walk past another dog.


See the difference? 


Dogs that have no understanding of this may pull towards the sight or sound of other dogs!


Secrets Of Dog Training 14: Make Training Fun


dog training secrets


Want to know to of the best dog training secrets?


Make training fun!


You want to make training fun so that your dog doesn’t just follow your directions and dread it but enjoys listening and looks forward to what you have to say!


Secret 15: Continue To Expose and Socialize Your Dog


One of the most important dog training secrets is that just because you socialized your dog as a puppy doesn’t mean it’s over!


Exposure and socialization is an ongoing process that doesn’t end at puppyhood.


For instance, if you socialized your dog as a puppy but haven’t take your dog out anywhere in months you may have to resocialize your dog again!


To learn more about socialization read our article here


Secrets Of Dog Training 16: You Have Full Control


When it comes to training your dog remember this of many dog training secrets “you’re always in control” Whether you realize it or not you as the owner are always in control!


You have full control of all your dog’s desires such as food, play when your dog interacts with other dogs, etc..


With that said use that to your advantage and teach your dog that to get something that your dog may want he/she must first listen to you!


Secret 17: Push Boundaries!


If you notice that your dog is excelling at training push the boundaries and increase the difficulty!


For instance, if you know that your dog can stay away from you with no distractions next time place some treats around him making it more difficult.


Push your dog to the next level of training that he/she is ready for! 


Secrets Of Dog Training 18: Be Proactive Instead Of Reactive


This like many dog training secrets should be a golden rule! Train your pup before any problems arise!


When you’re reactive to training your waiting for a problem to arise before attempting to train your dog. 


Whereas if your proactive you train your dog in the first place so that problems never arise, to begin with!


Are you being proactive or reactive with training?


Secret 19: Find What Your Dog Views As Rewarding


dog training secrets


You know your dog better than anyone else use what your dog views are rewarding to reward your pup.


Some dogs are motivated by food while others prefer to play it up to you to uncover what your dog views as rewarding and use it to your advantage!


Secrets Of Dog Training 20: Learn To Read Your Dogs Body Language 


Our last secret is standard for training, always be aware and learn to read your dog’s body language.


Dogs are open books with how there feeling and never “act.” For instance, if your dog is behaving scared its because that fear is very real to your dog and not a game of acting.


It’s up to us as our dog owners to understand how to read our dog’s body language and there meaning.




In this article we uncovered 20 of the best secrets of dog training. Use these secrets to take your relationship with your pup to the next level.


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