dog walking
Dog walking

Dog Walking Services Tampa

Fulfilling your dog’s natural needs

Whether you are not home, or you simply want to provide your pup with more exercise, our dog walking services in tampa are perfect for anyone wanting to give their dog more!


Dogs have a lot of energy to expel, both physically and mentally, so a dog whose activity needs are not fulfilled will display more behavioral issues at home and in public! The best way to combat these energy-related issues, are to provide some mental and physical stimulation throughout the day on a structured walk around town, or on a trip to your favorite park! Our experienced trainer will properly walk your dog for your preferred amount of time, so you can continue your day without worry! 

Dog walking

dog walking in tampa,
More than just a walk!

At Awoken k9 we don’t just walk your dog we properly expose them to the world we live in, providing your dog with the right experiences. We’re not only giving your beloved companion physical excersize but providing him with structure through the walk so that your dog looks towards us for leadership. We are here to provide you and your dog the best dog walking in tampa!

Dog Walking Options

Whether you are not going to be home, or you want to provide your pup with more exercise,  our dog walking services are perfect for any one wanting to give their dog more!


All of our dog walking in tampa are done by a professional k9 expert. Giving your dogs a structured walk where they’ll get both physical and mental exercise!

30 minutes Walks ($30)

Shorter walk with a focus on your dogs state of mind providing your dog with structure throughout the whole walk.

60 Minutes Walks ($40)

A longer structured walk where we are able to provide your dog with the proper mental and physical outlet while focusing on your dogs state of mind. perfect for those who are looking to expose there dogs to more and provide there companion with more mental and physical exercise!

Dog Walking Tampa Packages

30 minutes Walks
5x/week ($150)

Structured 30 minute walk by a professional canine expert provided 5x a week Monday-Friday

60 Minutes Walks
5X/Week ($200)

Structured 60 minute walk by a professional canine expert provided 5x a week Monday-Friday

We currently service...

We currently service the following neighborhoods in Tampa: Downtown Tampa, Temple Terrence, Riverview, and Brandon.

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Our Online Dog Training Course is the most complete course to help you awaken your dogs true potential, from home, on your own time!


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