Dog won't listen outside
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Why Your Dog Won’t​ Listen Outside

Do you feel like no matter what you do your dog won’t listen outside?

You are not alone many dog owners find themselves in the same position.

One where you teach your dog something indoors and your pup does it perfectly, but the moment that you go outside its as if he lost it all!

Here are a couple of reasons why your dog won’t listen outside

Poor Generalizers

Dogs overall have very poor generalization skills, dogs are situational learners.

This means that just because you taught your dog how to sit in the comfort of your living room does not mean that he clearly understands that when you say sit outside he has to put his rear to the floor and “sit”

The simple fix is showing your dog that when you say sit whether it’s indoors or outside it means the same behavior.

In this period you are teaching your dog to generalize to perform a behavior in a variety of different contexts.

Helping your dog generalize a behavior means that you might have to help your dog understand what you are asking of him.

If you taught your dog to “sit” indoors be prepared to use his treats to lure your pup into a sit outside.

As a Rule of thumb, you want to help guide your pup if he is confused. Clear up any confusion your pup may have and be ready to help him!

Lack of Proper Exposure

Another reason why your dog won’t listen outside is simply due to the lack of proper exposure.

How often do you take your pup out?

If you don’t take the time to take your dog outside often you’ll realize that your pup is probably fascinated by the outside, all the sights, sounds and let’s not forget the smells!

You have to take your dog outside often so that going out isn’t viewed as a big deal.

Aside from taking your dog outside you want to show your dog what to put his energy into.

Are you letting your dog put his energy into staring at another dog?

Are you rewarding your dog for giving you his attention?

Become Relevant to Your Dog

You want to become relevant to your dog, and the only way to become relevant to your dog is to become way more rewarding to your pup than anything around him!

I’ll ask you again are you rewarding your dog for giving you his attention while surrounded by all the distractions he is faced with?

Why Your Dog Won’t Listen Outside

Always remember, what you reward in your dog will continue to happen, behavior that continues to occur eventually becomes a habit.

So in order to get your dog’s full attention to be sure to reward those instances where he provides you with his attention!

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