furbo dog camera review
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Furbo Dog Camera Review

In this article, we will be covering the Furbo dog camera review based on features, ease of use, and as a training tool!

If you have a dog and want to be able to check up on him, see how he’s doing and even give your pup a treat then the Furbo dog camera might be for you! 

So how well is the Furbo dog camera for your pup?

Let’s take a look and hop into the Furbo dog camera review!

What is the Furbo dog camera?

The Furbo dog camera is a pet camera that allows you to get live footage, toss treats and have two way audio of your dog when your not home.


One of the best things about the Furbo dog camera is that it comes jam-packed with amazing features and it comes such a small package.

Camera Quality

furbo dog camera review

The Furbo comes with 1080p, wide-angle lens and night vision, meaning that you’ll get to see what your dog is doing due to the wide-angle lens, you even get great video quality if it gets dark perfect for both daytime and nighttime use.


The audio quality of the Furbo dog camera is great! you not only can visually see your dog but hear and even talk to your dog through the two way audio.

Extra features

The Best Part Of The Furbo Dog Camera?

You not only get bark alerts sent straight to your phone if your dog starts to bark but the Furbo dog camera comes with human identification alerts, selfie pictures when your dog looks at the camera and treat tosser!

Ease Of Use

The Furbo dog camera is one of the simplest pet cameras to use. The Furbo comes with a companion app that connects to the actual camera.

Within the Furbo app, you can navigate to see your pup, talk to him and even reward your dog with a treat at the flick of a finger.

As far a the speed goes the Furbo is smooth and has experienced no glitches, you do need to be connected to wifi for the Furbo dog camera to work and your internet speed may play a role in the speed of the Furbo.

The Furbo Dog Camera Review For Training

furbo dog camera review

The Furbo dog camera is a great training tool for everyday owners if you’re trying to train your dog or if you’re simply trying to stay connected to your pup when your not home.

To not only be able to receive live video footage from your pup regardless of where you are but also be able to have two-way audio to communicate with your dog, a built treat tosser to be able to reward your dog for good behavior is incredible for training your pup when your not home.

If your more geared towards connecting with your pup and ensuring that your dog is safe and sound then the bark and human identification alerts are game-changers. 

You’ll be able to get notified the moment your dog barks and even when another person is in view of the camera with the Furbo human identification alerts.


furbo dog camera review

In conclusion for the Furbo dog camera review, the Furbo is an outstanding dog camera that comes in at about $180 here in the US.

With the amount of feature that you get in such a small package, I’d say that the Furbo dog camera is a great investment to notably train your pup but monitor him when you’re not home!

If you would like to invest in a Furbo dog camera for you and your pup click here

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