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Exclusive Homeschool Program

The Board & Train Alternative!

Dog Training for people with busy schedules that don't want to send their dog away (for weeks or months)

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In Your Pup’s Homeschool program?

Hurry, openings are extremely limited

Dear Dog Owner..

If you answered "Yes" to ANY of these questions...

Our Exclusive Homeschool Program With The #1 Tampa Dog Training is


Here's Why

Awoken K9 is not like any other dog training and behavior company. Our dog training programs are completly catered and customized to you and your pups ultimate goal. We understand that every dog is an individual so we don’t just train every dog the same because every pup is different!

Second, you and your pup will receive unlimited full support through our online platform, emails, phone calls, and even text messages. That way regardless of where you and your pup are in the training program you always have us in your back pocket!

Hurry, openings are extremely limited

Hurry, openings are extremely limited


I get it. You had no clue that your dog would pull you down the street on walks. or have a meltdown when ever you leave the house. Also no one knew that “fido” would growl at you over that bone, and you never thought that your dog would bite and nip your fingers arms, legs and almost anything your puppy can get into.

Then you realize life is getting busy and don’t have the time to train your beloved pup. & as time goes on you notice your dogs behavior gradually getting worse.

Have no fear.., I’m here to tell you we’ve trained hundreds of dogs just like yours and that…

All you have to do is select the best date & time for your dogs Free Consultation & let the pros do all the hard work for you!

Hurry, openings are extremely limited

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Hurry, openings are extremely limited

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