how to introduce dog to kitten
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10 Ways How To Introduce Dog To Kitten

So you just adopted a new kitten into your life but aren’t sure how to introduce dog and kitten? No problem in this article we go over 10 how to introduce dog to kitten the right way!

10 Ways How To Introduce Dog To Kitten

Having your dog and new kitten co-exist doesn’t be difficult, we created this article giving you and your furry friends 10 ways how to introduce dog to kitten so it is a smooth stressfree transition.

Smell Before Sight

how to introduce dog to kitten

The first way how to introduce dog to kitten is through smell. 

Dogs and cats have an incredible sense of smell, so before you even allow your dog to see your kitten you want to get things that smell like your kitten and vise versa.

When you allow your dog and kitten the opportunity to sniff things that smell like your other pet be sure to reward both your kitten and dog with their food or treats.

 Doing this will begin creating a positive association with your dog and kitten with just smell alone!

Have Your Kitten In a Crate or Carrier

Now that we know the begining on how to introduce dog to kitten, the very best thing you can do after you have swapped sents between your dog and new kitten is to then place your kitten in a crate or carrier so your kitten doesn’t run, jump, hide, etc. 

Doing this will ensure a couple of things;

First that your dog isn’t enticed to chase your kitten. 

Second that your kitten doesn’t run away to hide

The third set you up to practice getting your dog to focus on you while your kitten is stationary.

I also recommend having our dog on a leash in case your pup just wants to ignore you and check what’s in the crate, remember we want our dogs to listen to us around our new kitten not just ignore us.

Train Your Pup Around Your Kitten

how to introduce dog to kitten

Now that your kitten is in the crate you have your pup on a leash, you want to begin using your dog’s food to train your pup around your new kitten. doing this will ensure that your dog learns how to listen to you in the presence of another animal.

If your dog is struggling with training either increase the distance from the crate your kitten is in or just put your dog’s food away and try again on your dog’s next feeding session.

We want to become relevant in the eyes of your dog so, your dog listens to your direction when around your kitten, this is one of the most important aspects on how to introduce dog to kitten.

Positive Experiences in Proximity

how to introduce dog to kitten

Now a great way to aid in the introduction of your dog to your new kitten is essentially providing your dog and kitten with positive experiences around each other.

With your kitten still in the crate begin tossing treats inside the crate while having your pup in a sit or down stay away from the crate. When you begin implementing this you are teaching your dog how to hold a stay while your rewarding your kitten, of course, you want to reward your pup so staying as well.

The reason this works soo well is because your kitten will begin to associate your dog with positive things because your pup won’t be overwhelming to your cat and your cat learns that your pup isn’t scary.

The last thing we want is to have your dog run-up to your kitten and scare him/her remember up to this point your dog and kitten haven’t met directly face to face just having positive experience around each other.

Beginning Direct Introduction

To begin directly introducing your dog to your kitten you want to first have your dog on a leash, its allot easier to control your dog with a leash than without one. Second, you want to send your dog to his “bed” or have your pup hold a down stay. 

Now that you have your dog under control you want to let your kitten out the crate and allow your new kitten to walk around your house.

While your kitten is walking around your house be sure to reward your pup for not going after your kitten. If for any reason your dog attempts to approach your kitten you want to use the leash to guide your dog away. Remember you want your dog to greet your kitten on your kitten’s terms and yours.

Having Your Kitten Approach Your Dog

how to introduce dog to kitten

Now that your kitten is walking around your home with your dog in a down-stay” or “bed” there is going to come a time where your kitten becomes a bit more curious about your dog, so what do you do?

You bring out treats so that your kitten and dog focus on the rewards instead of each other, this will ensure your kitten even further that your dog is “safe, and good”. 

The same goes for your dog, when your kitten approaches your dog be sure to reward your pup for not being overwhelming.

Having Your Dog Approach Your Kitten

When it comes to dogs and kittens we have to teach our dogs how to approach our small furry kittens and thus have to implement certain rules around our dogs. 

Some rules for dogs when it comes to cats and kittens are:

  • – Your dog never chases your kitten
  • – Your Dog never jumps on your kitten
  • – Your dog is only allowed with your kitten under supervision
  • – Your kitten isn’t allowed to stick paws inside dog food
  • – Until your dog is fully trusted around your kitten your pup is on leash around your kitten.

When it comes to your dog approaching your kitten you never want your dog overly excited, lunging, or trying to chase your kitten. I recommend playing with your pup or taking your dog on a nice long walk to burn off some energy and any desire to chase.

When you approach your kitten with your dog ask your dog to sit or lay down when you’re close enough to your kitten. this will begin teaching your dog how to approach your kitten in a calm manner instead of one that is overly excited

Having Your Dog and Kitten Play

how to introduce dog to kitten

Once your dog and kitten are a bit more comfortable with each other you will begin to notice that your little tiger will want yo play … allot and it’s our job to monitor that play so that we can communicate to our dog when he/she may be getting a bit overboard. 

I recommend teaching your dog a “leave it” because it communicates to your dog that you want your pup to leave your kitten alone.

When playing be aware that your dog doesn’t nip your kitten hard, instead you want your dog to have a “soft mouth” with your kitten.

Providing your kitten escape routes

Now that your dog and kitten are comfortable the next phase is ensuring that your kitten has a variety of different escape routes in case your dog has gets overly excited during play, gets “zoomies” or your kitten just wants to get away and be alone.

Cat trees are great because dogs won’t be able to climb what a cat can.. although that would be pretty cool if they could.


The last tip I have for you is to stay consistent with training your dog around your cat. If you want your dog to consistently listen to you around your cat be sure to reinforce those instances where your dog does!


how to introduce dog to kitten

learning how to introduce dog to kitten doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Remember there isn’t any rush to take your time helping your dog get used to listening to you around a new animal while having your kitten get comfortable with your dog.

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