How to play with a puppy
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How To Play With A Puppy 7 Games Your Pup Will Love!

New puppy? Then you’re likely curious about how to play with a puppy right? No worries, if your new to raising a puppy in this article we go over 7 games you and your puppy will enjoy! 

How to play with a puppy, 7 games your pup will love!

How to play with a puppy

1. Tug

What pup doesn’t love a game of tug of war! Tug of war is a game almost all pups enjoy! 

Here’s how:

  • – To play just get your pup’s favorite tug
  • – Wiggle it in the air a bit
  • – Let your pup bite the toy 
  • – Tug softly and even lets your puppy win a couple of rounds.
  • – Repeat

Youll begin to notice your puppy run back to you to play more from how much fun your pup will have with you!

2. Fetch

How to play with a puppy

Fetch is another great game to play with your puppy. Chances are if your puppy is not, much of a tugger your pup is likely a chaser who enjoys chasing instead of tugging. 

Here’s how:

  • – To begin playing fetch with your puppy get your pups favorite toy,
  • – Get your pup interested in the toy
  • – Toss it a short distance away from you, 
  • – When your pup gets to the toy encourage your pup to run back to you by saying your pup’s name.

To learn how to teach your puppy how to play fetch step by step read our complete guide on fetch here

3. Hide and Seek

Let’s face it who doesn’t enjoy a good old game of hide and seek? especially when its an adorable furry friend like your puppy! 

Here’s how:

  • – To play hide and seek with your puppy isn’t too hard all you have to do is run away from your pup inside and hide. 
  • – When you find a good hiding spot say your puppy’s name and then immediately go quiet,
  • – When you do this your puppy will go looking for you.
  • – The moment your puppy finds you have a little celebration by tossing a toy or tugging with your pup.

This game is great because not only is your puppy having fun but also learning to come to you!

4. Search Games

How to play with a puppy

Search games are incredible for puppies because it makes your puppy use his/her nose to find the reward! 

Here’s how to play:

  • – Get your puppy’s favorite toy wiggle it, and get your pup interested in the toy. 
  • – Once your puppy is interested in the toy run away and hide the toy.
  • – Ask your puppy “wheres the toy” your puppy will begin looking for his toy.
  • – When your puppy finds his toy celebrate, play tug, 
  • – Repeat

 In the beginning, be sure to make it easy for your puppy to find the toy as your puppy progresses and gets better at the game make it more and more difficult.

5. Puzzle Games

How to play with a puppy

This next game focuses on your pup’s mind and providing your puppy with some mental stimulation.

Toys like Kongs and other puzzle toys work wonders after your pup is a bit worn out! 

Here are some puzzle toys we love:

– Kong

– Interactive puzzle game

– Intelligent ball

6. Recall Games

Another great game is the recall game! Recall games are games that encourage your puppy to come to you when you call, games like this are great because you essentially work three things at once playing with your pup, teaching your pup to come when called, and burning some of your pup’s energy

Here’s How To play:

  • – Toss a treat away from you
  • – When your pup gets to the tossed treat say “come”
  • – When your pup runs back to you reward your pup with many treats 
  • – Repeat

7. Swimming

How to play with a puppy

One of the best ways on how to play with a puppy is swimming! Swimming is a great game for many puppies and its also an incredible way to exercise your pup!

Here’s how: 

  • – Get your pups favorite toys 
  • – Runaway enticing your pup to chase you
  • – Get closer and closer to the water
  • – Toss toy in shallow water
  • – Increase the distance you run in water with your puppy chasing you or toss the toy
  • – Repeat


Playing with your new puppy is one of the most rewarding experiences you can provide your pup with now you know how to play with a puppy and what games your pup will enjoy! 

These games will ensure your puppy loves playing with you and also teaches your puppy good play habits!

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