How To Train Dog To Not Jump
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How To Train Dog To Not Jump

Are you tired of having your dog bounce off the chest of your guest? Then your likely wondering how to train dog to not jump on your guest or anyone for that matter!

No matter how much energy your pup may have, learning how to train dog to not jump on the guest is one of the most important things you can do to begin teaching your dogs rules and create the proper habits.

Why Your Dog May Be Jumping

How To Train Dog To Not Jump

Your dog may be jumping for a variety of reasons, but the most common reasons a dog jumps on guests are:


It’s not uncommon to see small puppies jump on people and guests, although it may look cute when your puppy is small.

But it’s important to understand that the more your puppy practices jumping up on people, the more that will be the norm when your puppy grows to an adult dog. 

An adult dog that jumps can leave you scratches and bruises and even knock a small child over if not properly trained.


The second reason dogs jump on the guest is because your dog may be getting rewarded! 

Suppose your dog is jumping on your guest due to excitement its common for those particular dogs to be social butterflies and want to socialize with your guest. The issue arises when your dog jumps on your guest and gets rewarded by being pet by your guest.

Your dog learns if they want to greet your guest, all they must do is jump on them.

How To Train Dog To Not Jump What You’ll Need

How To Train Dog To Not Jump

Now that we understand two of the most common reasons dogs jump let’s hop into training dogs to not jump.

To begin training your dog not to jump, you want three things:

A Leash:

We will be using the leash to prevent your dog from practicing the behavior of jumping! 

The most crucial aspect of changing a dog’s behavior is prevention!

Preventing your dog from rehearsing the exact behavior you don’t want is critical because the more your dog practices a behavior, the stronger the behavior will become!

It’s also immensely easier to prevent your dog from jumping on guests when it is on a leash than off-leash.


 You want to have some treats handy to reward your dog for doing the correct behavior and not jumping on a guest!

Guest/ Helper 

You will also need guests or helpers who will play the “distraction” role to begin teaching your dog how to behave when guests arrive! 

You cannot learn how to train dog to not jump on the guest if you do not create the scenario or practice around things your dog jumps around.

This portion is crucial!

Training Your Dog To Not Jump

So you have all the materials you need to train your dog; you have a leash, some treats, and a helper or guest. The next step is training your dog to not jump on the guest.

How To train dog not to jump step by step

How To Train Dog To Not Jump

Have your dog on a leash! 

If your dog’s natural response is to run to the door and jump on your guest, use the leash to stop your dog from darting towards the door.

Give your dog an alternative behavior.

 If you don’t want your dog to jump, tell your dog what you want him to do instead.

Reward your dog!

 If your dog is performing the behavior you want when your dog would typically jump, be sure to reward your dog with treats. 

Only allow guests to greet your dog when calm. 

If your dog is overexcited, instead of allowing that excitement to transfer over to greeting guests, wait until your dog calms down to let your dog greet the guest.

What To Do If Your Dog Jumps

Now that you know what to do to teach your dog not to jump, we also want to go over how to handle situations when your dog does jump.

Use the word “no.”

We want to begin using the word “no” to communicate to your dog that they did something wrong!

Stop Your Dog With The Leash

If your dog jumps after you say “no,” you will use the leash top to stop your dog from jumping and pull on the leash away from the direction your dog is jumping to.

Remove the reward

If your dog jumps after you say “no,” be sure to remove the reward your dog wants.

How do you remove the reward, you ask? 

If the reward is the food you’re holding in your hand, and your dog jumps trying to get the food, then putting the food behind your back is usually sufficient to remove the reward.

Your dog only gets the reward when they are not jumping for the food.

If the reward is another person your dog wants to greet, remove your dog from being pet by the guest. Your dog only gets to greet the guest when all four paws are on the ground.


To ensure that your dog entirely stops jumping, consistency is the name of the game. If you are consistent with every step we have gone over in this article, you’ll quickly realize that your dog will stop jumping because they learn jumping never leads to anything of value!

To learn more how to train dog to not jump contact us here and to awaken your dog’s true potential contact us here or Give us a call!

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