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Hyde Park Dog Training

Professional Hyde Park Dog Training

 The Premier Hyde Park Dog Training company. Customized veterinarian recommended dog training programs focussed on “real world dog training” for real results! All of our Hyde Park dog training programs are based on your pups individuals needs so that you & your pup can live a happier, stress free life together.

At  Awoken k9 we understand the importance of teaching our dogs how to behave in everyday real-world settings so that you and your dog can do more together in everyday life.  Can you imagine you and your pup walking down Hyde Park village without the yanking on leash, or being able to enjoy the ambiance with your pup on his best behavior!

  At Awoken K9 All of our training programs are completely 100% customized to meet;  your dogs specific needs, your goals with training, & nip any issues you may be experiencing in the bud. No matter your dogs, breed, size, and age, we’re here to help! 

So whether your your goals are to train your new puppy, stop some unwanted habits, or just get your pup the be the best version they can possibly be Awoken K9 has got you covered!

Hyde Park Dog Training

Hyde Park Dog Training
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Our dog trainer in Hyde Park and behavior expert will evaluate your dog’s behavior, your goals, any issues you may be experiencing  and recommend a training  program to achieve you & your pups training goals.

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Join Thousands of Awoken K9 Graduates just like you who now live a happier stress free together with their pups! While gaining access to client exclusive services so you and your pup are always supported!

Custom Dog Training solutions

For you and your dogs unique needs

Awoken K9 is not like any other Hyde Park Dog Training and behavior company.  We take the time to first understand your you and your dogs individual needs because just like you, every dog is an individual so we don’t just train every dog the same because every dog is different! Our Hyde Park dog training programs are catered and customized to you and your dogs ultimate goal without the hard work!

We make dog training easy for you and your lifestyle! Whether you have a busy schedule and need our Hyde Park dog training professionals to do all the training or have a bit more time and want to be more involved with your pups training there’s a Hyde Park dog training program for you and your pup!

Check out our Hyde Park Dog Training options below:


Hyde Park Dog Training

Home School Program

Our K9 training and behavior expert comes to your home several times per week to train your dog one-on-one whether your home or not, then provide you with a weekly private follow-up lesson to review what your dog has learned.

Highly recommended for owners looking to achieve significant progress in a short amount of time

*Popular Hyde Park Dog Training Program

Hyde Park Dog Training Tampa

Private In-Home Training

Private one on one training right in the comfort of your own home! Meet with our k9 training and behavior expert, where we are able to tackle any issue together with our customized training plan. Here, we will guide you and your pup step by step through the training process!

Had the best experience! Put my 3 year old pitsky through the at home 3 week training and he is such a well behaved dog now. Brian was patient with him and worked great around my schedule. Would 10/10 recommend

Lindsay S.


I have a 1 year old GS/mal mix. Awoken K9 was recommended by my vet due to his behavior in public and with his fear and reaction with staff. With Brian's guidance and training program, I am now able to go out with my dog and I have a good experience. He has come a long way and I am happy with his progress. Brian was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. It helped that we trained at my home and in public places. Thank you Brian!Brian thank you for being there for us and Rider

Gigi R.


I have a two year old Australian shepherd that was quite literally making me cry any time I walked him due to his reactivity to other people, dogs, and just fighting me on the leash even if we were alone. My mom found Brian and AwokenK9 and by our first consultation appointment, I was hopeful! After completing the five week program, my aussie’s walking and reactivity is NIGHT AND DAY better! We have built such a better bond through some communication techniques Brian taught us. I finally can look forward to walking my dog versus dreading it. I’m so thankful we found Brian - as was my dog who very much enjoyed working with him. Brian is patient, kind, and you can tell he loves the animals he works with which was very important to me as a crazy dog mom. I highly recommend checking AwokenK9 out - you will not regret it and your pup will thank you!

Hayley J.


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