Lutz Dog Training

Lutz Dog Training

Serving all areas of Lutz, Fl

Lutz Dog Training

Bring out the best out of your pup with the number one Lutz dog training company! Our veterinarian recommended dog trainers helps you and your dog live happier stress-free lives

At Awoken K9 we create custom dog training programs tailored to your dogs needs but also real-world settings because we know its important for dogs to learn how to behave in every day settings. That way, you and your dog can do more of what you love together. 

We understand that every dog is different, so we always ensure our training fits your dogs needs and goals, we can help no matter your dogs breed, age or size!

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Custom Dog Training Solutions

For you and your dogs unique needs

Awoken K9 stands out from other Lutz dog training companies because our dg training programs are fully customized to your dogs match both your and your dog’s goals. Since every dog is an individual, we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach!

We offer different services to meet your specific needs. Whether you have a busy lifestyle and need us to handle most of the training, or you have more time to spend with your pup, we have a program that’s right for you!

Private In-Home Training

With private one on one in home dog training we bring the training right in the comfort of your own home! Here you will meet with our Lutz Dog training and behavior expert & tackle any issue together with our customized training plan. Here, we will guide you and your pup step by step through the training process!

Home School Program

Busy Lifestyle? No problem! Here our Lutz dog training and behavior expert comes to your home several times per week to train your dog one-on-one whether your home or not After we focus on training your dog we then provide you with a weekly private follow-up lesson to review what your dog has learned. Popular Lutz Dog Training Program

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Bring out the best out of your pup with the number one Lutz dog training company! Custom private in-home dog training

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