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Introducing the first ever Start-to finish- online dog training system designed to train your dog like a pro

Zero dog training knowledge needed - with Real Results

Work With Awoken K9 Dog Training Experts

Work with a professional dog trainer to teach your pup to become the best version of theirself and tackle any behavior issues you may be experiencing

All In The Comfort Of Your home

Complete step -by- step online dog training so no need to leave the comfort of your own home!

Custom Solutions For Your Individual Dog

Our online dog training programs are completely catered and customized to you and your pups ultimate goal. We understand that every dog is an individual so we don’t just train every dog the same because every pup is different!

Online dog training

Fast & Lasting Results
with our Expert Online Dog Training Program

we can help with:

Whether you have a puppy, adult dog or just want take your relationship between you and your pup to the next level- this is the solution you and your pup have been searching for to quickly train your pup like the pros and finally create long lasting results your pup will thank you for.

I've packaged everything you and your dog need to succeed

From training hundreds of dogs and puppy’s, creating reliable obedience, stoping problem behaviors in their tracks for my clients. Into an all-inclusive, step-by-step, easy to implement online dog training program that not only teaches you the high level theory, but the down ‘n’ dirty EXECUTION, with professional guidance so you have a well trained dog


“I couldn’t leave my gated community… &  Literally 2 sessions and he’s like a completely different dog!

“Draco was aggressive & now we can bring him around dogs he’s great, we can bring him around people he’s great! 

Fast- Track Your Dog's Training, Get your dog to reliably obey and listen while stoping problem behaviors.

By Following our Step-by-Step proven online dog training program get your dog to be the best they can be, and save yourself years of stress, expenses, and bad behaviors.

Once you join you’ll get access to what took years to learn and master across hundreds of dog’s and puppy’s

You & your pup got this!
(And I've got your back.)

Here's What you'll get:

Online dog training

Professional Guidance

(Never feel lost, with direct weekly training sessions with a professional.)

Even if you know zero about dog training, we make sure that you always feel supported 100% of the way with weekly private zoom calls focused on you and your dog.

You'll always have a professional dog trainer in your back-pocket

the best online dog training program

Video Feedback

(Always ensuring you and your dog are on the right path)

Well give you direct video feedback based on your homework so that you and your dog know exactly what your doing right and what you can change and improve on

(This is where you get direct feedback on your going great and what you should change)

the best online dog training program
Online Dog Training

Obedience intensive dog training course

( an added resource showing exactly what todo and how to do it)

Complete online dog training program from A-Z packaged from start to finish.

Online dog training


(custom solutions for your individual dog)

Have a complete dog training program from our professional dog trainers based on you and your individual dog, your goals and lifestyle.

(Not every dog is the same, so we don't train every dog the same)

Online dog training
the best online dog training program

Private App Access

Always have ease of use with our online dog training app, so you always have access to courses, resources, community and professional dog trainers at your finger tips

limitless resources to achieve your results

the best online dog training program

The Perfect Puppy Program (Course)

(start off your puppy on the right paw)

Having a puppy is exciting but we know allot goes into raising and training a puppy from socialization, potty training and teaching house rules.

the best online dog training program
Online dog training

Private Community

Join a community of passionate dog owners going through the same journey as you!

Surround yourself around a group of likeminded individuals looking to get the best out their dog

Online Dog Training


Were so confident no one does this.

If we are not able to get you the results your satisfied with and you do everything within our online dog training program from start to finish we'll continue working with you until you do

Online Dog Training

Here's What our Clients have to Say

tampa dog raining review
xl pitbull testimonial

We have a 1yr old American Bully who already knew a lot of commands and tricks but there were a few bad habits that no matter what I tried, I wasn't able to fix it. Everytime I would walk him before it felt like he was going to rip my arm off and after about 5 -10 mins I would be completely exhausted. He's 100+ lbs and now I can loose leash walk him with no problem. We're still in class and now working on resource guarding but very thankful to Brian for providing the knowledge of what I needed to do to help communicate and train my dog better and more efficiently. I can see improvements everytime I'm working with my dog. I contacted several other local trainers and found it either difficult to schedule around my work schedule, only offered group or online courses, didn't work with my dog's breed or size, or they only offered 1 cookie cutter style of training. I definitely appreciate that Awoken K9 had a consultation where we could show what he already knew and discuss the items we needed help with.

Christal L.


Brian and Awoken K9 were great. The training for us was worth everything penny. Our dog, Welly, is a good boy but not always aware of his size (90 lbs). Brian taught us techniques to mitigate jumping, and to eliminate leash pulling, as well as many other training areas. We've seen significant improvement in how Welly acts and recommend Brian and Awoken K9 to anyone in the Tampa area.

Charles N.

Tampa dog Training

Brian made us feel confident that he was the right man for the job at our initial consultation! Our case was challenging because our dog was not only a stubborn breed, she was also 8 years old. We couldn’t take her to our beach condo due to complaints about her aggressive behavior. We are at our condo with our girl this weekend and it has been a game changer! Thank you Brian for everything, it has changed our lives

Andrea R.


I have a two year old Australian Shepherd who has anxiety, resource guarding and slight aggression issues - Brian was extremely helpful with teaching us the best ways to deal with these issues and best practices to change his behavior. We have noticed a huge difference in just a short time and are excited to see his continued progress. Thanks Brian!!

Logan S.


We had a great experience with Brian. He did a great job helping us control our pomsky a lot more. We loved that fact that he would bring the training to our home. Brian was also very flexible when it came to what days and time we wanted training. He was also very clean on all his tips and tricks and even sent us videos each week on the trainings. Couldn't have pictured a better trainer for my dog. Thank you Brian!!!

Gabby E.


My husband and I rescued a 1 yr old hound that was found living in the wild, taken to the pound, then put in a foster home before we adopted him. Needless to say we bit off a little more than we could chew and he had some issues that needed a lot of training including learning commands, walking on a leash, socialization, growling, barking etc. Brian has helped us and Jethro come a long way in the last 6-8 months with his training program, in home sessions, group classes and online help which we are very grateful for. He is always readily available for questions and support and we definitely recommend him and his program to others!

Holly K.



& payment options

5 Week Program

$ 797
  • 5 Week Online Dog Training Sessions
  • The Perfect Puppy Training Program Course
  • Obedience Intensive Dog Training Course
  • Private Dog Training Community
  • Direct Video Feedback
  • All Training Modules
  • Dog Training App
  • Valued at $3,491

8 Week Program

$ 1197
  • 8 Week Online Dog Training Sessions
  • The Perfect Puppy Training Program Course
  • Obedience Intensive Dog Training Course
  • Private Dog Training Community
  • Off Leash Obedience
  • Direct Video Feedback
  • All Training Modules
  • Dog Training App
  • Valued at $3,491