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The Perfect Puppy Training E Book shows you exactly how to…

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The Little known Puppy Training Secrets

That Changed My Life

From Brian Gallardo:

Dear Puppy Owner,

I’m really excited because I want to show you how a simple puppy training secret can ensure your pup grows into a confident adult dog, that listens while avoiding any behavioral issues from occurring.

The reason I want to show you this is because I want you to raise your puppy to be the best version of him or herself!

But before I show it to you, let me take you back to the famous puppy that was the inspiration for my puppy training secrets…and changed my puppy and my life forever, and it can change yours too!

Be sure to read through this entire page and don’t skip to the good part at the end, because there is too much to learn within the information in this page.

About 5 years ago there was no such thing as creating a relationship with your puppy or teaching your puppy right from wrong. 

Dog training in tampa

Back then training and raising your puppy was about being "Alpha"

Back then training and raising your puppy was about being “alpha”, being “in charge” and showing your puppy “who’s boss”

Instead of teaching your puppy right from wrong the belief was, I have to show my puppy I’m the “dominant one”

The First Time I Learned Being Alpha Is Wrong

“I must be the worst puppy owner ever” 

That what I said to myself the day that I lost him.

Ozzy my puppy had run away trying to catch a deer in the bushes.

After running and running after my first puppy I thought… 

This is it. My puppy may be gone forever.

And it was all my fault.

If your a puppy and dog lover then this might be one of the most important things you can read today.

because it’ll tell you…

The exact moment I realized how important knowing how to raise and train a puppy is...

..And its not being Alpha

Before this moment I had always believed that being “alpha” is the way to train your puppy…

and that almost led to me completely losing him.

BUT, As scary as that experience was…

I’m truly thankful it happened because led me to discover and learn a system that transformed my pup into the best version of himself…

..Allowing oz my puppy to grow up to be the most well-behaved dog, and the best companion I could have ever dreamed of..

You know… the kind of dog that you can take anywhere, get complimented on your pup’s behavior, and just begin enjoying everyday life together without the stress!

This simple secret system I learned about raising and training a puppy can be used for ANY puppy…

..No matter breed or size!

With just a couple of minutes a day you can…

And  much  more..

These little known puppy raising and training secrets have worked for hundreds of other puppy owners…

just like these pet parents:

As a first time dog owner I was nervous about everything pertaining to my dog. Brian helped us make the dog walking experience easier. He helped us get into a routine that allowed for a smooth transition with our adorable new addition. Brian is always professional and provides great resources to include video and literature to assist in the training process. Out beautiful dog is happier and so are we.

Kerrine S.


Brian @ Awoken K9 is a very good trainer. My pooch has much better behavior. I now understand her more and can stop bad habits. Thanks Brian.

James D.


Brian was an absolute pleasure to work with. My sweet puppy has learned so much. I highly recommend Awoken K9 .

Sharron K.


Brian trained our puppy Koda and he did a great job. From helping us understanding what to do and to showing us what worked and what didn’t work. Koda continues to improve from the lessons we learned w Brian.

Fernanda N.


Brian has been great and working with my puppy and how stubborn he can be sometimes. I highly recommend Awoken K9.

Casey B.


Get my Entire Perfect Puppy Training E Book for only $7

At its core the Perfect Puppy Training E Book allows you to raise and train your puppy to grow up into a confident adult dog that listens while avoiding any behavioral issues from arising…

Because the sad truth is that…

... Most puppy owners are the cause to the behavioral issues in their puppies.

Yes, you read that right!

This means that although you may think you may be doing the right thing, but actually you are hindering the relationship between you and your puppy.

Instead of going on adventures and enjoying life together, the way that they imagined…

They spend their life thinking their puppy will “grow out of it”.

Yelling “no” at them all day only to have your puppy ignore you and not learn what your asking of them

Or getting frustrated whenever your puppy pees inside, bites you, or chew your furniture.

If any of this sounds familiar …

Believe me, I know exactly what you’re going through

See when my puppy Oz chased that deer into the bushes…

I felt anxious, guilty, and worried from the bottom of my heart.

All I could Think About is "Why Didn't I Train my puppy, What did I do wrong?"

I had always believed my puppy will grow out any bad behaviors..

I had been ignoring it, when my puppy dragged me down the road, downtown pulling to sniff a dog or person.

Or when my puppy barked non stop at the door.

Or when my puppy jumped  and nipped me or my friends coming over.

Leaving me and my friends with bite marks and our clothes hairier then a chinchilla.

I knew my puppy was a bit of a handful and for lack of better words… Out of control.

But I thought I was the Alpha right?

Oz will just grow out of it right? 


Get my Entire Perfect Puppy Training E Book for only $7

I realized how huge of a mistake just being "Alpha" was

Ive heard of puppies getting lost and never finding there way home to there family …

As I’m running after my puppy chasing a deer… puppy disappeared into the bushes

All I could think of is the worst possible scenario..

“I must be the worst puppy owner ever”

that’s what I thought in my mind.

I must have accumulated some good karma because ..

Sure enough I found Oz

He had been covered in dirt leaves and looked pretty dehydrated.

But I was happy that I got my puppy back in one piece, after disappearing in the bushes chasing a deer that was well over 6 feet tall.

As I spent the whole day with my pup Oz…


I knew Something had to change

I knew the alpha method definitely didn’t work and needed to learn how to raise and train my puppy properly.

I did what most pet parents do, I went on youtube and found …

Well I found a lot of things, from videos teaching owners to be the alpha to your puppy, to video teaching owners to rub there puppies noses in there pee to potty train…

Every video was completely different then the next…

There is soo much information on the internet I didn’t know what was the correct way and the wrong way to train my puppy.

So I hired a professional dog trainer the best of the best in the area that I currently lived and attended group classes.

I don’t know if you ever attended group classes but it’s not something 

I recommend.

Don’t get me wrong our training classes were great but I couldn’t help that something was missing…

They taught me the “How To” but never the why we do things with training.

See I wanted a trainer who wouldn’t just train my pup for me..

I wanted to be part of the training process with my puppy and essentially learn the foundations so that I can become the dog trainer for my puppy.

I told my dog trainers this…

They smiled, my dog trainers eyes gleamed, eager to “spill the beans” and what my dog trainer told me changed everything.. 

he said…


"Its not the puppy or dog that needs to be trained, its the owner"


Yes, that means …. YOU!

Because puppy’s and dogs alike love structure, consistency, rules and guidance.

See puppy’s have been evolutionary programed to be drawn to us humans…and want to build a relationship with you.

The problem isn’t getting your puppy to be obedient..

The problem is that most of the time puppy’s  don’t have an understanding of what you want them to do.

You see puppy’s are a complete blank slate with no prior experience with the world we live in not knowing right from wrong…

And they speak a completely different language then we do.

Which means that the root of the behavioral problems in puppy’s is due to lack of  PROPER guidance and poor communication.

The only way to raise and train your puppy to be the best version of him/herself and grow up to be the pup you always envisioned …

Is by learning to understand your adorable puppy…

And helping your puppy understand you.

In other words..

Until you learn how to be your puppy's guide you will never be able to properly train them.

At the time the trainers who helped me with my puppy taught me allot of different methods on how to properly train and raise my puppy

Including how to talk to teach my puppy house rules…

They taught me that puppies live in the moment and you only have about 1.3 seconds to give your puppy feedback on something…

Or you would confuse your pup

And they showed me that puppy’s have a “critical developmental period” …

That essentially molds them based on their past experineces into the adult dog they eventually grow into.

The truth is puppy’s have no prior experience of the world that live in…

The issue is, we dont take the initiative to be our puppy’s leader.

Get my Entire Perfect Puppy Training E Book for only $7

In other words, it's our job to take the time to properly raise and show our puppy how to behave in a human world.

Unfortunately many owners never learn how to properly do this with there puppy’s

This was back in 2015…

As I began to apply what I learned with Oz my then 5 months old puppy… 

And became my puppy’s guide … 

My puppy Oz started growing up to be the perfectly behaved calm, confident dog that I always imagined he could be.

It was honestly INCREDIBLE!

I started to wonder why aren’t owners taught these things when they first get a new puppy?

My Trainers replied saying it was honestly “cause of business.”

“Its allot more profitable for a dog training company to host a group class or have you send your dog to them for a 4 week board and train

The issue is once the puppy is trained, if the owners don’t understand and know how to maintain these behaviors the puppy’s training dwindles …

No matter how good the trainer is … 

If the owners cant maintain and keep up with all the good habits and behaviors the puppy will eventually go back to square one.


It's like sending your kids to school and not parenting them at home.

Well after this experience …

I became fascinated and obsessed with puppy’s, dogs, how they learn, what they respond to and what they dont respond to.

I payed thousand and thousands of dollars for dog phychology courses and for top trainers to train me.

Heck, I even quit my job!

I interned and worked with various dog training facilities where I got hands on experience with dogs from every walk of life…

I worked with the most adorable knuckle headed puppy’s to the most unruly dogs!

I read every book imaginable (and still do!) about dog and puppy  psychology, behavior and training.

I put everything I learned under a microscope so that I could fully understand what was happening inside of a puppy’s mind why it all worked.

It took countless months, years and hours for it all to set in, but it finally hit me that training and raising a puppy was about

So what I did was start my own dog training business in New York City and used everything I learned not only to train my own puppy but also all my client's puppies as well.

And it worked like magic...

Client's were referring more clients than I could even keep up with...

My business was ultra successful so much so that when I decided to move to Tampa, Fl it was easy to start all over again…

All I did was implement all the same puppy training secrets I obsessed over and showed other owners like yourself how to do the same with their puppy.

BOOM! The puppies became the best version of them selves and owners were happier without the behavioral issues.

What I learned not only worked for one puppy but worked like magic for totally different puppy’s no matter the breed or size!

It was like I struck gold.

It Gets Better...

So get this…

Last year I gave our ‘Perfect Puppy’s Training E Book’ to all my paying dog training clients who struggled with their puppy’s behavior.

Guess What? It still worked as the Perfect backup to their dog training!

So this is what I decided to do… 

I created the ‘Perfect Puppy Training E Book’ a complete puppy training and raising guide. 

And made it available online for anyone to purchase.


The results?...

Thousands Of Happy Puppies And Puppy Owners

Here’s the point of all this…

You can take any of the puppy how- to’s, puppy socialization guide, how- to stop problem behaviors, and complete list of what todo and avoid in the “Perfect Puppy Training E Book”

And Use It To Raise And Train Your Puppy

So that you can raise your puppy properly, get your puppy to listen, stop stressing over your puppies behavior and start enjoying everyday life with your puppy!

Here's the best part...

Everything that I teach my clients when they gladly pay me hundreds of dollars for training, I’ve included in this Ebook…

My mission in life is to make it affordable for you to have the best trained puppy ever…

Even if you cant hire a dog trainer…

I put my heart and soul into this information…

I’m even going to make it a no brainer for you and charge you only $7 dollars.

Now don’t be fooled, just because I charge $7 measly dollars doesn’t mean the information isn’t as powerful as a $600 course.

This information is too valuable and instructions are too clear that…

It makes NO DIFFERENCE what your puppy’s breed or size.

It works for

Any Breed

It works for

Any Size

It works for

Any Puppy

It works for:

…Plus countless of other puppy’s.

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Every puppy training secret you can imagine, from simple puppy rules, to playing, to crate training.


No stone is left unturned.

Too Good
To Be True?

I know.  You’re saying,

“You’re giving me all that for just 7 bucks?

There's Gotta be a Catch."

The truth is, I’m eating my own cooking.

This offer is like having a professional trainer in your pocket.

Im delivering OVER THE TOP value…at least 10x more than your $7 investment.

Why? Because know that when you take me on my offer you and your pup will be doing great things.

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I’m being totally honest and transparent here.


The Perfect Puppy Ebook Is a Massively easy way to train your pup wouldn't you agree?

Now you may be asking, “Then why don’t you give it away for free?”

Awesome question. The reason its just $7 is your purchases shows that your committed ti your pup and your joint success.

By exchanging $7for the Perfect Puppy Program Ebook, your telling me that you’ll actually take action & use the strategies to train YOUR puppy.

YOU are the exact type of client I love helping and supporting to succeed with their puppy. It’s a win-win.

Heck for your puppy I’ll even go one better…

100% Risk FREE

Money Back Guarantee

I’ll take all the risk so that you & your puppy can succeed.

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You Must Act Fast!

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This can go up in price at any moment especially if we make it a physical book.

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Just imagine having the best behaved puppy with out the stress of figuring it out!

? What impact will that have on your puppy

? What would it mean to you & your puppy to...

Teach your pup to be the best version of themselves

? How much more can you do with your puppy?

  • without the stress biting 
  • destroying your house
  • pulling on leash
  • not listening
  • jumping up

To make this even better for you & your pup…

 I’m also adding the following…

Over 40 different dog breeds: How trainable they are, their temperaments and history… for FREE!

The paws & personalities ebook is going to help you understand your individual breed  their temperament, and what they were originally bred for

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All it takes is the Perfect Puppy Program

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This is where the beginning of your puppy success all starts. Now its you and your pups turn.

Brian Gallardo

Awoken K9

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