potty training dog in an apartment
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Potty Training Dog in an Apartment

Whether you just brought home a new puppy or adopted an older pup potty training dog in an apartment is one of the most important things you can teach your new pup to prevent any “potty” accidents in your apartment!


In this article, we go over how to potty train your dog when you live in an apartment.


Potty Training Dog in an Apartment

The biggest challenge when it comes to potty training dog in an apartment is having enough time to go outside with your pup without your dog having an accident.


In this article you’ll learn how to take the right steps so that you can effectively potty train your dog in your apartment!

Potty Training Puppy Apartment

The biggest difference with potty training puppy apartment is that puppy’s have little to no life experience meaning that they haven’t developed any bad habits.


This is great because it gives us the opportunity to instill the correct habit early on ensuring that your puppy learns where to go potty in no time! 


When it comes to potty training dog in an apartment, the first step is to be prepared! 


Preparation is key when it comes to potty training your pup the first way to be prepared when potty training your pup is to have the right training equipment.


Here’s what you’ll need to be prepared to potty train your pup.


Dog Crate:

To begin potty training puppy apartment you’ll need a dog crate.


The reason we love to use the dog crate to potty train dogs is because the dog crate is a great way to prevent your pup from making any mistakes when learning where not to go “potty” and where to go “potty”.


The last thing we want is for your dog to make a habit out of going “potty” inside your home, this is where the crate comes in!


Get your dog crate here



The next thing we want is either your pup’s food or treats to begin rewarding your dog for going potty in the correct location.

Recommended dog treats



The last piece of equipment that we will need is a leash. The leash is an incredible tool to manage and control your pup without having to chase a dog or physically grab and pick your dog up.


Recommended dog leash


Feeding Schedule: 

potty training dog in an apartment

Now that we understand what you’ll need to begin potty training dog in an apartment. The very next step is setting you and your pup to be successful. 


How do we set us our dogs up for success when it comes to “potty” training? 


The easiest way to set your pup up for success after you have the recommended training equipment is by introducing a feeding schedule.

Providing your pup with a feeding schedule ensures that “potty” training becomes easier more predictable.


When your pup eats at a scheduled time we make it easier to predict when your pup will have to go potty. For instance, if you feed your dog at 7 am then you likely know that in 15- 20 minutes your pup or older dog will have to go “potty”.


Contrast that with a dog or puppy that is free fed all day with their bowl always full laying around so that your pups can eat whenever they want. If you free-feed your pup you’ll quickly notice that their “potty” schedule is more sporadic due to not having a set feeding schedule.


To get your puppy on a feeding schedule we recommend picking a time in the day where you feed your pup, then picking up their bowls after your pups have finished eating.


Ex: You feed your pup at 7 AM, your pup eats, you pick up bowl until next scheduled feeding.


If you notice that your pup isn’t eating their food immediately after you placed the bowl down give your pup 20 mins to eat then pick up the bowls until their next scheduled feeding.


ex: You feed at 7 AM, Your pup doesn’t eat, Pick bowl up until next scheduled feeding.


To learn more on how to get your pup to eat on a schedule read our article on “why your dog won’t eat his food in the morning”



Now that we have set your pup up to be successful with getting the right “potty” training equipment and getting your pup on a feeding schedule the next step in successfully potty training dog in an apartment is prevention.


Prevention is important because the last thing we want is your pup to accidentally go “potty” in your apartment, or worst a location you have no idea of!


The easiest way to prevent your pup from going potty inside o your apartment is to crate your pup.


Crating your pup ensure that your pup doesn’t get the opportunity to go “potty” in your apartment while learning the correct location to go “potty”

As a rule of thumb if you take your puppy out or older dog and they don’t go “potty” outside they go back into the crate to prevent any accidents.


Potty Schedule:

potty training dog in an apartment

You’re probably wondering how long to keep your pup inside the crate? When to take your pup to go “potty”?


Those are great questions and we have even better answers!


We recommend that you crate your pup multiple times through the day for short periods until your pup goes “potty”


Here’s a schedule we recommend:


7 AM: Out of crate – take out to “potty”

7:30 AM: Feed

8 AM: take out to “potty”/ walk

9 AM: Crate with a chew toy

11 AM: Take out to Potty, if no “potty” back into the crate

1 PM: take out to “Potty”, if no “potty” back into the crate

4 PM: Take on walk/ “potty”, if no “potty” back into the crate 

6 PM: Potty walk, if no “potty” back into the crate

7 PM: Feed

7:30/8 PM PM: Last Potty walk


The general idea is to prevent your pup from going potty indoors while giving your pup enough opportunities to go potty in the correct location.


When your pup does go “potty” in the correct location be sure to use treats to further reinforce the fact that your pup made the right decision to potty “outside”



potty training dog in an apartment

One of the most important aspects of the potty training dog in an apartment is consistency!


Consistency ensures that your pup becomes getting accustomed to your routine and creates a habit out of going “potty” in the correct location.


If your pup makes a mistake:

If for any reason your pup makes a mistake and goes “potty” in the wrong location you want never to punish your pup if you physically didn’t catch your pup in the act.


If you do catch your pup in the act of going potty in the wrong location be sure to say “no” and take your pup to the location you do want your dog to go “potty”


Increasing Time:

Once you have followed the steps above and have the basics of Potty training your dog in an apartment down, the very next phase is to begin increasing the amount of time that your pup can hold his/ her “potty.

the easiest way to do this is gradual!


For instance, if your pup can hold its “potty” for 2 hours next time wait 2 1/2 hours and then 3 hours and so on. Doing this we don’t just give your dog a major leap to overcome but allow your dog to continue being successful while gradually increasing the time so your pup never notices!



potty training dog in an apartment

Potty training your dog in an apartment doesn’t have to be difficult, following the steps outlined above will effectively get your pup to become fully potty trained.


To awaken your dog’s true potential contact us here or Give us a call!

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