In home dog training
in home dog training

In Home dog Training

At Awoken k9, we realize that training starts at home before anywhere else! This is because you and your dog spend the majority of your time there. With private in home dog training, we can get you and your dog to a level of understanding that will help you reach a new level of engagement and opportunity to learn with each other in home, and out in public!
If you find yourself wondering why it is that your dog doesn’t always listen to you at the first request, drags you down the street on walks, or reacts to other animals or people when out in public, you are not alone! Many people face these same concerns every day, but with the help of an expert trainer from Awoken k9, we can turn those dreams of having a well behaved dog into your new reality!

How it works


k9 training and behavior expert evaluates your dog’s behavior and state of mind


Our k9 training and behavior expert will discuss with you your dog’s current situation the “underlining truth” behind his behavior

Game Plan

This is where we discuss goals and develop a customized game plan specific to you and your pup

Everlasting Change

Have the dog you always envisioned with continued success!

In home dog training
Our private one hour in home dog training is perfect for you and your dog, taking place right in the comfort of your own home. 

This is where you will work exclusively one on one with our k9 training and behavior expert on any issues you and your dog may be experiencing. This in home training can be for any dog training needs, from a young puppy’s development, to dogs with anxiety and aggression.

Our k9 training and behavior expert will evaluate your dog, identify your dog’s current state of mind, consult with you on the situation, and work hands on with you and your beloved companion. Together you and our k9 training and behavior expert will discuss goals to be accomplished, come up with a customized game plan, and choose the best private dog training program for you and your specific pup, so that you see everlasting change in your companion!

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Bronze package (2 Sessions $259)

Is your dog constantly pulling?

Is your dog lunging, barking, growling, and overreacting in certain situations while on leash?

Has going out in public with your dog become stressful?

Our bronze package is perfect If you want to start enjoying your walks with your pup again!
Our bronze private dog training “no pull” package teaches you how to gain more control over your walk all while teaching your dog to remain in a calm state of mind.
2 private 1 hour sessions over 2 weeks.
  • Leash pulling 
  • Lunging on leash
  • Barking on leash
  • Stoping on walk
  • Chasing on leash

silver Package (5 Sessions $629)

Our 5 Session Silver private dog training Package is our foundation in-home dog training program and the core of all of our private dog training packages this where start creating good, habits tackle bad habits and establish strong foundation in being a “magnet” building your dogs attention so that your dog not only listens to you but snaps around to give you his full attention when you need it, core areas of focus on leash obedience,stationery commands, recall (come),  Awaken your dogs true potential and change your dogs life.

5 Private 1 hour sessions over 5 weeks.
Basic Obedience
Puppy Behavior/ Development
  • Everything from bronze package
  • Jumping,
  • nipping,
  • excessive barking,
  • minor reactivity,
  • minor aggression,
  • destructive behavior,

gold Package (9 Sessions $1,129)

This is our most popular private dog training package! perfect package for you and your dog! Our 9 Session Gold package allows us to progress through our training program at the right pace! Being that every dog is different and an individual like we are, this package allows us to progress through our program without pushing your dog too soon before being ready for the challenges given!
This package will show your dog to not only hone his focus on you when asked, but is perfect for those looking to achieve off leash obedience while also being able to handle minor- mid levels of aggression, anxiety and being able to set life changing habits in the lives of your dog!
9 Private 1 hour Sessions over 9 weeks.
  • Everything from silver package
  • Anxiety,
  • Fear,
  • Minor-mid level aggression

platinum Package (12 Sessions $1,499)

This is for those looking to fully awaken their dog’s true potential, and enter a supreme class of its own!
Here, your dog will be able to achieve full off leash obedience, while giving you full control over your dog, even when he has total off leash freedom to do as he wants. Suitable for those looking to take their dog or puppy’s obedience to the highest level. 
Perfect for highly aggressive dogs, high anxiety and those that want to fully awaken your dogs true potential!
12 private 1 hour sessions over 12 weeks.
  • Includes everything from Gold package
  • Severe dog to dog aggression
  • Severe dog to human aggression
  • Severe anxiety 
  • Complete off leash reliability

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