Awoken K9:
Your Puppy Training Guide




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Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step to awakening your puppy’s true potential!

This is a comprehensive guide that goes hand in hand with our puppy training booklet or PDF.

The Guide consist a total of 5 Sections

Our puppy training guide is broken down into sections, so that you grasp a given concept before moving forward to the next.

We want to ensure that your puppy isnt pushed too soon before being ready for a given challenge, so you and your pup can go at your own pace.

Thank you and I hope you and your pup enjoy as much as I enjoyed making this course!



 Brian Gallardo

Completing this course will help you:

Learning Path

In Section 1 we go over everything you may need to begin training your puppy

Here we cover everything regarding puppy socialization. From how and where to socialize your puppy to what to avoid.


In this section we cover how to manage your puppy, so your pup doesn’t have any “accidents” while learning the house rules.


In Section 6 we go over how to teach your puppy to respond and know his/her name.

In this portion we cover how to begin teaching your puppy your house rules; Potty training, Chewing, Biting, Etc

In this portion we go over the next step to take with your puppy’s training journey!

Before we start: Set your pup for success

Are You & your pup Ready To Start?