Puppy Training Supplies
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Puppy Training Supplies

Below is a list of the recommended puppy training supplies we love to use here at Awoken K9 when it comes to training puppies!


Puppy Training Supplies

When you bring in a new puppy into your home you may not have realized all the supplies a puppy may require from chew toys to crates and playpens this article will cover everything you will need for your Puppy training supplies!



Puppy Training Supplies

One of the first puppy training supplies we recommend a crate that is small enough that your pup won’t pee in one corner and sleep in another. 


Your puppy’s crate should also be big enough that your pup doesn’t have to “hunch” to fit comfortably and can turn without any issues. 


Here is the crate we recommend just select the appropriate size for your pup.

Pets Dog Crate



A playpen is also another great option as it allows your puppy to feel included in what you’re doing without getting into any trouble! 


Heres the one we recommend:




The next piece of equipment you will need is a couple of good leashes for your puppy.


We recommend you get two different leashes, one leash for just walking and another that is longer for allowing your puppy more freedom while having still having your pup on a leash for safety.


We enjoy leashes made of Biothane because the material is durable, long lasting and if it does get dirty cleaning, is extremely easy compared to other materials.


Here are the leashes we recommend:

Signature K9 Biothane Leash: Shorter Leash for walking

Signature K9 Biothane Long Line: a longer leash for allowing more freedom



Puppy Training Supplies

We will also need some good treats for your puppy so that we can reward your pup for behaviors we like.


We want treats that are; small, bite-size, and malleable. We want to avoid treats that are too big that your puppy spends 5 minutes chewing. As well as treats that are too hard.


We recommend using treats that you can cut into a variety of different sizes for your puppy as well as one that comes in different flavors in case your pup prefers one flavor over another.


Here are the treats we recommend:

Happy Howie’s Premium Meat Roll Dog Treat

We enjoy happy Howie’s meat rolls because there easy to cut, they don’t leave a mess, and come in a variety of flavors your pup will enjoy!



Puppy Training Supplies

When you bring a puppy into your home toys are a must! All puppies want to play and chew. So we need a variety of different toys that your puppy can either play with or chew on.


The Toys are categorized into two sections; interactive toys and self-entertainment toys. We want a combination of both!


Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are toys that your puppy only gets to use to play with you! These toys are tugs, balls, and frisbees.


Here are the interactive toys we recommend that your pup will love!

Chuck It Ball

Puppy Rag

Puppy bite rag



Self-entertainment toys

Self-entertainment toys are just like they sound, toys you give your puppy whenever you want your pup to entertain him/herself.


Here are some of our favorite self-entertainment toys!

Kong: You can put treats inside or even peanut butter and allow your pup to enjoy figuring out how to get the goodies!

Benebone: Great durable bone to allow your pup to chew away!

Bob-a-lot: Great for allowing your puppy to problem solve and get a reward.



Puppy Training Supplies

Ultimately, this list is the basic supplies you will need to begin training your puppy the right way! 


Remember, when you get a puppy, they have no idea what’s right from wrong. It’s our job to be our puppy’s guide. With that comes being prepared for setting your puppy to be successful!


To awaken your dog’s true potential contact us here or Give us a call!

Receive your free dog training consultation and set your pup up for success!

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