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Thanks for purchasing our products ( or subscribing to our services) at operated by Awoken K9. 

As per our policy, digital products that are downloadable, licensed, or accessed on a subscription basis can’t be returned.

By placing a down payment on any dog training services the user acknowledges and agrees to the all of Awoken K9’s Policy’s

Refund For Training Services

No Refunds for training packages after 72 hours of checking out and agreeing to terms. No refunds for unused portions of expired packages.

We have a 72-hour refund policy on all contracts for training packages after checking out, agreeing to policies and training terms prior to checkout, and making your payment. You agree to all terms and policies during the checkout process. Your written notice of cancellation must be submitted within 72 hours of checkout. Payment will be refunded using the same method used for payment.

If you would like to request a refund, please feel free to contact us by

  • Email :

We cannot give any promises, timelines, or guarantees for training results.

Successful dog training includes learning our vocabulary, techniques, staying consistent, uninterrupted professional dog training on a set schedule, consistent daily practice during and after training with us, multiple owners being on the same page, socialization, ongoing guidance, follow-up evaluations, the health, age of the dog and more.

Private sessions, Homschool programs and virtual sessions are available to help maintain lasting results.

We can’t “go home with you” to monitor daily training, consistency, or the dog’s environment. Based on these critical factors, we’re unable to offer promises or a “Money Back Guarantee” on any training packages, online dog training, or any combination of these. Successful dog training requires daily practice and training on a long-term basis to be successful.

If you decide to give your dog back to a breeder, shelter, rescue organization, friend or third party, after purchasing a training package or completing some or all of the training, no refunds will be given and remaining training, if any, is not transferable to another dog.

If you move out of the area after you’ve purchased a training package, or before you’ve completed your package, no refunds will be given, and the package or remaining training is not transferable to another dog.

Expiration Dates

Online Training courses do not expire.

Expiration Dates: All training programs have strict expiration dates from your initial consultation date to complete all training sessions even if training more than one dog.

Our 3 week Bronze program expires within 2 months. Our 5 week silver program expires in 3 months. and our 9 Week Gold program expires in 4 months.

Group Class

Group Classes: are only for dogs who are training with Awoken K9, have completed one of our training programs, who know our training method, and have been approved by one of our trainers.

Group Class is a “bonus”: and is considered a complimentary classes that are optional, and do not effect training package price if you choose not to attend.

Clean up after your dog: It is your responsibility to bring poop bags and clean after your dog.

Attendee: Do not bring children, guests, or other dogs to group classes.

Group Class Schedule Change: We reserve the right to change our group class schedule and notify clients at the previous class or via email.  

 Dogs in heat: are not allowed in any group class

Rainy Day Policy: If it’s raining the class may be cancelled.

Health Policy:

Due to some dogs being carriers of transferable illnesses, we require all dog owners to follow the rolling protocol:

  •  Complete series of all standard vaccine & boosters.
  • Up-to-date rabies vaccine after 4 months of age.
  • Recent de-worming
  • Vaccine for bordetella
  • recent vet visit for a complete physical
  • All immunizations, preventative maintenance, procedures, lab test, & exams must be completed and detailed documentation from your vet is required before your dog can start training.

Awoken K9

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Last Updated : January 26, 2022

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