Rollerblading With Dog
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Rollerblading With Dog Made Easy

Rollerblading with dog can be a rewarding and bonding experience not only for you but your pup as well!

As fun as Rollerblading with a dog, it may seem like a daunting task to teach your pup to do because, let’s face it, nobody wants to get dragged down by their pups! 

If you’re wondering how to begin Rollerblading with your pup, then you’re in the right place; in this guide, we go over how to properly introduce rollerblading to your dog so that you and your pup can skate in harmony!

Why RollerBlade With Your Dog?

Rollerblading with your pup is an excellent way to bond together while also being a great form of exercise for both you and your dog!

What You’ll Need

Before we hop into rollerblading with your pup, here’s a shortlist of a couple of things you’ll need

Rollerblades: The first equipment we’ll need should be no surprise, rollerblades! If you’re a beginner, I recommend you get rollerblades with breaks on end.

6 ft Leash: For the length of the leash, we recommend a 6-foot leash as it gives your dog enough space while skating. Shorter leashes can work as well, but we find it easier with a 6-foot leash

Treats: If this is the first time that your pup has ever seen rollerblades or even heard the sound of the wheels, then you want to have some treats, to begin creating a positive association with the way your pup views the rollerblade.


Rollerblading With Dog

Before we go into initially teaching how to begin rollerblading with dog, there is some prerequisite that your dog should have a clear understanding of before moving forward.

Know how to “heel”:  Your pup must have a clear understanding of how to “heel” in essence, we want to ensure that your dog isn’t just pulling left and right on walks. 

The reason for this is because if your pup isn’t able to follow your directions on a simple walk, then your dog likely will not follow your rules when rollerblading together. 

The last thing you want is your dog zig-zagging, dragging you while you have wheels on your feet. So before you focus on teaching your dog to rollerblades with you, ensure that your pup can heel with you. If you need guidance on teaching your pup to “heel” please refer to our written guide here, or opt-in for our online course, which covers how to teach your pup everything from A-Z **

Rollerblading With Dog

Rollerblading With Dog

Now that we have a clear understanding of what is needed here’s how to begin rollerblading with dog the easy way!

  1. Take your Rollerblades out, allowing your pup to sniff and observe the rollerblades. While your dog is watching, be sure to reward your pup, creating a positive association.
  2. Begin spinning the wheels of your rollerblades, dogs are sensitive to sounds, and the sounds of rollerblades wheels can spook particular pups. Begin by spinning the wheel, then reward your pup.
  3. If your pup gets spooked, be sure to go slow; let your dog observe and realize that nothing happens. Be sure to reward your pup when he/she isn’t scared. (If your pup is spooked, don’t force your pup, instead take your time and go at your dog’s pace.
  4. Once your pup is comfortable with the sound of the wheels, put your rollerblades on!
  5. Begin moving slowly with your rollerblades on, and with your pup on the side, you usually walk him/her. 
  6. If your pup begins to walk ahead or pull, stop with your skates and guide your dog back into the “heel” position.
  7. As your pup begins to stay in the heel position while your SLOWLY rollerblading, give your pup feedback “good” and give your dog a treat.
  8. In the beginning, you’re not going very fast, but as your pup progresses and shows you that he/she can stay in the heel position without trying to pull or dart, then you can begin increasing the pace.
  9. When increasing the speed, be sure not to go too fast for your pup but instead at a pace that your dog can trot. 
  10. Take breaks to allow your pup to recover its energy and drinks water.
  11. Have fun together!


Rollerblading can be a great way to spend timing with your pup while also exercising together! The most critical part of rollerblading with your dog is being considerate of your pup with what he/she can and can’t handle while making the whole process as rewarding and stress-free as possible!

Remember, don’t rush. Enjoy the process of doing something new with your pup, and have fun!

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