Shaping your dog’s view of the world
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Shaping Your Dog’s View Of The World

From puppies to older dogs, you are constantly shaping your dog’s view of the world, whether you realize it or not, you play a major role in how your dog perceives the world around him!

Your dog’s perspective on the world will determine how he initially interacts with the environment and the world around him.

A puppy that consistently has positive experiences in new environments will eventually be more confident in new environments, opposed to another pup that has negative experiences when he is taken to new environments. This dog will most likely show signs of anxiety and fear. It all comes down to shaping your dog’s view!

The way you introduce the busy world we live in to your dog essentially determines his perspective of the world. We can shape your dog’s view on the world we live in by providing positive experiences instead of negative ones, whether it’s feeding your dog on a busy side walk, or playing with your dog in a park!

Providing these kinds of experiences not only ensures that your dog is more confident when going into new situations, but it also deepens the bond between you and your dog, all while teaching him a couple key things.

First, your dog will learn that new environments are fun and exciting. Then we will start creating engagement, which is sustained focus from your dog, teaching him that paying attention to you is rewarding. This ultimately prevents numerous behavioral issues from arising in your dog such as anxiety, fear, and even aggression.

Take your dog out to experience the world, and always remember that whether you realize it or not, you’re constantly shaping your dogs view of the world!

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