Sit Means Sit | Stop Repeating Yourself to Your Dog!
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Sit Means Sit | Stop Repeating Yourself to Your Dog!

Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, nobody likes to repeat themselves multiple times! When asking your dog anything, there has to be a balance, and asking your dog to sit means sit, not walk around and smell everything.

Of course, you want to give your own dog the opportunity to just be a dog, but there are times where you need to give your dog direction in real world situations! When push comes to shove, the moment you ask your dog to sit, you have to show him that you mean what you say, regardless of the reason or what is going on around your dog.

If you’re tired of having to repeat yourself multiple times to your dog, here are some of the reasons why they don’t listen!

One reason you have to repeat yourself is because your dog has learned to ignore you the first time. If you repeat yourself with your dog, what you are essentially doing is teaching your dog to ignore the first command because there will be more chances given to sit!

The proper course of action to take is: first, ensure that your dog clearly understands the command being asked. Once that is established, you will know whether to properly teach him the command from the beginning, or if you just need to enforce the command he already knows!

Once you’ve determined that your dog understands the command given, then you will now put yourself in the position where you can truly enforce the behavior you want. For instance, in order to show your dog to listen the first time, you have to be ready to show your dog the behavior you want if it is not listened to. Once you tell your dog to sit, if he does not listen, you can show him how to perform what you want, instead of repeating yourself and getting not results.

Your dog will soon come to understand that if he does not sit the first time, you will follow through to enforce the behavior that you initially asked for. This will soon result in your dog learning to listen the first time around!

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