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Swimming With Your Dog

With summer already here, it’s bound to get hotter and hotter. One way that you and your pup can enjoy more time together and cool off from the hot sun, is swimming with your dog!

Swimming has many benefits, for example, cooling your dog down in the hot summer heat! Since dogs can’t regulate their body temperature the way we humans do by sweating, the water helps them to not over heat while in the sun. Also, swimming is a great exercise for your dog that helps to take pressure off the joints, whereas running may be harder on your dog’s joints. Keeping your dog in shape, while not allowing him to over-heat is made easy by trying dog swimming lessons with your pup! Excersize in this manner stimulates your dog’s mind as much as his physical body, thus allowing you to tire your pup out both mentally and physically. 

Now that you know the benefits of swimming with your dog, here’s how to get started in getting your dog comfortable in the water! 

First, ensure that the area is safe and that you provide your dog with a life vest for safety purposes. When swimming with your dog, ensure that the swimming area has a slope or stairs for him to walk in and out of the water. You want to show your dog the entrance and the exit so he understands where to go when wanting to get out of the water.

Second, you want to let your dog go at his own pace! If he is scared of the water, grabbing him and putting him in will likely only make his fear worse. Instead, you want to show your dog that the water is no big deal. Walk past it, put your toes in the water, and let your dog’s body language tell you how he is feeling. By taking your time and allowing him to get more comfortable, he is sure to like swimming way more in the long run!

Third, you want to make water and swimming a positive experience! If your dog has a favorite toy, you can play with him next to the water, gradually getting closer and closer to the water. Make the whole interaction more about the game happening between you and your dog, so that he doesn’t even notice the water.  Eventually, your dog won’t mind the water, and you can even take it a step further! If your dog likes playing fetch, you can toss a floating toy into the water and make it a fun game that way. 

Help make the summer heat no big deal to your pup! By teaching your dog swimming lessons showing him how fun and refreshing swimming can be, you’ll open up a whole new method of play-time and training time with your dog. Next time you’re by the pool, at a lake, or spending a day at the dog beach, remember these tips, and enjoy swimming with your dog! 

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