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Hear from Awoken K9 graduates on how they changed their pups behavior & now enjoy everyday life together, without the stress!

As a first time dog owner I was nervous about everything pertaining to my dog. Brian helped us make the dog walking experience easier. He helped us get into a routine that allowed for a smooth transition with our adorable new addition. Brian is always professional and provides great resources to include video and literature to assist in the training process. Out beautiful dog is happier and so are we.

Kerrine S.


We had a great experience with Brian. He did a great job helping us control our pomsky a lot more. We loved that fact that he would bring the training to our home. Brian was also very flexible when it came to what days and time we wanted training. He was also very clean on all his tips and tricks and even sent us videos each week on the trainings. Couldn't have pictured a better trainer for my dog. Thank you Brian!!!

Gabby E.


Brian helped so much with our dog Abbott. He used to bark and charge on his walks, a source of stress for us to take him walking. Brian gave us direction on how to train Abbott. In 5 sessions our dog is a completely different pet. He is a joy to walk with now and listens to our commands. It is 100% better. Thank you Brian!!

Chrissy M.


Brian @ Awoken K9 is a very good trainer. My pooch has much better behavior. I now understand her more and can stop bad habits. Thanks Brian.

James D.


Brian with Awoken K9 has done a fantastic job of training our two pups Baker and Riley. We participated in his 9 week training session and both of our dogs have made tremendous process thus far! One of our dogs has dealt with fear and anxiety and has become more engaged and is getting over her fear. Our other dog has been overprotective and Brian has done a wonderful job in alleviate some of his fears also. Overall, Brian is very intelligent and knowledgeable when it comes to dog training and is able to handle any concerns with dogs. He is very passionate about the work he does and dedicates a lot of time I’m making sure the dogs are in great care. After a session he follows up with you to make sure the dogs are progressing and is always able to answer any questions. We cannot thank Awoken K9 for all the hard work and dedication he has put into training our dogs. Would highly recommend to any dog owner looking for any type of training. Thank you so much!!

Joerge Z.


Brian is a great, efficient and friendly dog trainer. As with some of us dog owners, it was clear to me that he needed to focus as much on me as on our dog Zane, and he did so successfully. He comes to our home and Zane loves him! Overall, I've been very happy with his help, his encouragement and his dedicated passion!



Brian was professional, timely, informative, organized and knowledgeable. He worked a couple of weeks with our Belgian Tervuren and was able to help us gain confidence and control over his poor behavior choices, and gave us the tools we need to be successful in having the best version of our dog. His methods are realistic and helpful. Would definitely recommend Brian.

Jessica C.


After looking long for a dog trainer I came across Brian. From the first conversation I knew he was the real deal. He has been so wonderful. My pitbull has made such a turn in his behavior and obedience. I encourage anyone to give Brian a call he far exceeds the expectations he sets for himself.

Martekei P.



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