Dog Training Leash Length
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The Best Dog Training Leash Length For Your Dog

Have you ever wondered if a specific dog training leash length works best for a given occasion? 

If so, then you’re in the right place in this guide; we dive deep into the proper dog training leash length for every occasion!

The Different Dog Training Leash Length 

Traffic Leash: An extremely short leash, usually 2 ft -4 ft in length

Standard Leash: This is the standard flat leash you are accustomed to and is 6 ft in length

Long Leash: Double the length of the standard leash. The long leash is about 10-12 ft in length.

Long Line: Long lines offer the longest dog training leash length, usually starting at 20 ft and only getting longer from there!

Slip Leash: The slip leash is a training leash that is often no more the 4-5 ft in length

When To Use Specific Leash Length

Dog Training Leash Length

Now that we have gone over the specific leash length, let’s jump into the proper dog training leash length for the best results!

The Traffic Leash 2-4ft

The traffic leash is 4 ft and under, is the best leash when used on walks or in high traffic areas!

The benefit of the traffic leash is that you can use a 4 ft leash for walks around the neighborhood, and if your going to higher traffic areas, you can opt-in for a 2-foot leash without having a long leash get tangled or deal with the hassle of wrapping the leash around your hand.  

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The Standard Leash 6ft

The standard 6ft leash is excellent for jogs and more open areas like parks because it is longer than the traffic leash your able to give your pup more freedom than just having your dog by your side.

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Long Leash 10-12 ft

The long leash is excellent to have if you are a hiker or enjoy going on trails with your dog! Many times leashes of this length allow you to wrap them around your waist for a “hands-free” experience while on hikes!

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Long Line 20ft+

The long line is the longest leash and provides your dog with the most amount of freedom! 

This leash is excellent for teaching your dog to be “off-leash” and allowing you up the freedom and liberty to run and sniff farther away from you while still having control!

The best environment to use the long line is big open fields or training your dog to come or stay longer distances.

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Dog Training Leash Length

If you want to set your pup up for success, think about the scenario at hand and your goal with your dog when going out on a given occasion. 

Are you going to be playing in a big open field? Then a long line may be best, are you going to be walking around a crowded city? Then a traffic lead is best.

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