Tips For Dog Training
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15 Best Tips For Dog Training

No matter if you have just adopted a you g puppy or an adult dog these are 15 if the best tips for dog training no matter your pups age or breed!

Teach Rules:

 Whether you’re bringing in a new puppy into your life or already have an older dog, you must teach your pup or dog what your house rules are as well as, rules to follow when in public.

Some of these rules might include No jumping on people, no pulling on the leash, no barking or growling, etc.

Teach Time and Place

Tips For Dog Training

One of the most important tips for dog training is teaching you that there is a time and a place for everything!

For instance, if you’re on a walk, do you want your dog to pull you to say “hi” to another dog?

Probably not that’s where teaching your pup that there is a time place for everything whether its greeting another dog sniffing the grass or playing.

Prevent bad behaviors

One of the best tips for dog training is preventing your dog from practicing unwanted behaviors 

Teach your pup to relax at home

Tips For Dog Training

This tip for dog training goes hand in hand in teaching your dog “time and place” one of the most important things you can teach your dog is to “relax” at home.

The easiest way to begin teaching your dog to relax at home is by creating the right associations.

For instance, if you always play with your dog in your living room your dog will soon associate the living room with excitement. 

The same is also true if you never play with your dog in your living room your dog will learn that the living room is a calm environment.

Although for this to successfully work you have to provide your pup an outlet for energy outside! 

Reward good behavior

When you reward behaviors you like you are essentially making that specific behavior more likely to occur in the future. 

The more your pup practices good behaviors that are rewarded the more they will become a habit.

Give your pup an outlet

Tips For Dog Training

Be sure to provide your pup with an appropriate outlet for behaviors your pup may enjoy!

For instance, if your dog loves to chew on furniture instead of just punishing your dog, provide your pup with an alternative outlet for the behaviors your pup may enjoy.

Satisfy your pups needs

Learn to satisfy your pup’s natural needs!

Every dog has natural needs that must be satisfied to prevent issues from arising some breeds have more or less needs that need to be met than others.

The basic needs of dogs are:

Physical needs: providing your dog physical exercise, jogging playing fetch, etc

Mental needs: Making the wheels in your pup’s brain begin to work. 

Impulse control, teaching new behaviors, etc

Social needs: social interaction with people, and, or dogs

Teach your pup to follow you

This tip is important if you want to be able to take your dog out in public and do more.

You want to begin teaching your pup how to follow you and take your direction, regardless of the distractions.

Stay consistent 

This is probably one of the most important tips for dog training because ultimately consistency creates reliability and if you want consistent reliable behavior you have to be consistent!

Expose and socialize your pup

Tips For Dog Training

We all want to take our pups with us where we go, for that to occur we must properly continue to socialize and expose our dogs everything we want them to be comfortable around.

To learn more about socialization read our definitive guide on Socialization

Play with your dog

Playing is a great way to not only exercise your pup but also is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your pup!

Teach your pup to look at you for direction

Teaching your dog’s behaviors is great, but nothing can compete with a dog that actively looks towards you for guidance and direction!

Build your dogs attention span

One of the most important tips for dog training is building your dog’s attention span. You can teach your pup all the behaviors in the world but, none will do you any good if your dog cant focus his attention enough to listen.

Prioritize building your dog’s focus and, the rest will come easy!

Teach your dog what to put his energy into

Many times dogs and puppies may have no idea how to behave in our human world. 

That is where we come in to teach our pups what to put there energy into so that our dogs don’t get into any trouble learning what is and isn’t appropriate behavior.

Make Training Fun

Tips For Dog Training

The last tip for dog training goes without saying make training fun. If you make training your dog a bad experience, why would your pup want to train in the first place?

Teach your dog that listening to you is fun, rewarding, and exciting.

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