Tips For Puppy Training
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12 Tips For Puppy Training

Getting a puppy can be such a rewarding experience today we will cover 12 tips for puppy training to ensure your puppy is set up for success!

12 Tips For Puppy Training

Tips For Puppy Training

1. Create a positive relationship: 

One of the best tips for puppy training is when you bring in a new puppy into your home before you think about what commands you want to teach your small furry friend you want to prioritize creating a positive relationship with our puppy. 

You want to begin creating a relationship with your puppy in a manner that your puppy enjoys not only being around you but listening to you!

2. Don’t allow your puppy to nip you.

Nipping is a common behavior in puppies and although those small teeth might seem cute at this age it’s important to understand that when your puppy becomes an adult those teeth will be much bigger and your dog jaw will be much stronger than the sweet cute puppy you knew.

3. Socialize, Socialize, Socialize

Tips For Puppy Training

Socialization is ultimately the most important aspect of owning a puppy!

Why? because the experiences your puppy has between the ages of 8 weeks and 4 months will essentially mold your puppy into the adult dog he/she will become. 

For a full in-depth guide on puppy socialization read our definitive guide here

4. Give Your Puppy Structure

You want to provide your new puppy with structure and routines sop that your puppy begins getting accustomed to your day to day lifestyle

5. Provide your puppy outlets for natural behavior

Puppies and dogs both have behaviors that are natural such as, Chewing and Chasing its best to provide your young puppy with appropriate outlets to these behaviors unless you want your puppy to chew your sofa or chase anything that moves!

6. Teach your puppy house rules before giving too much freedom

Before you allow your puppy to have free roam of your house, you first want to teach your puppy your house rules. To learn more about this read our article on “how much freedom should your puppy have?

7. Crate train your puppy

Crate training your puppy is one of the best things you can possibly do to begin teaching your puppy what your house rules are without allowing your puppy the opportunity to make any mistakes while learning

8. Reward good behavior 

Tips For Puppy Training

With your new puppy, you have to ensure that you reward good behaviors, because the more a behavior gets rewarded the more your puppy will perform the behavior and eventually become a habit

9. End training on a positive note

Always be sure to end training on a positive note, you want your puppy to view training as something good that he/she will enjoy doing

10. Realize you are always training your puppy

This is honestly one of the most overlooked tips for puppy training because puppies are always learning. So you are constantly training your puppy whether you realize it or not. 

You are essentially raising another life and showing your puppy what is and isn’t acceptable behavior from how your puppy walks through doorways to how your puppy greets guests.

11. Teach your puppy that coming to you is fun

The come command is honestly the most important command you can teach your puppy to be sure to teach your puppy that coming to you is fun rewarding and definitely worth his while!

12. Play with your puppy

Tips For Puppy Training

Play with your puppy everything isn’t just work and no play its all about balance use a ball or a small tug toy that your puppy enjoys and begins having fun!

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