Train Dog To Stop Jumping
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Train Dog To Stop Jumping

Having a pup that jumps on your guest, on counters, or even small kids usually aren’t the most fun time for your guest or you! Learn how to train dog to stop jumping!

In this article, we are going over how to train your dog to stop jumping, whether it’s on the guest, jumping on you, or just jumping when your pup isn’t supposed to.

Why Do Dogs Jump In The First Place

Train Dog To Stop Jumping

If your pup is a jumper whether it’s on your guest, or you, we first have to understand the reason why your pup jumps up in the first place!

Dogs jump up for a variety of reasons from overexcitement, to having a lack of boundaries. 

For the majority, dogs jump because it is a natural behavior and likely weren’t taught how to properly greet guests as puppies. 

Jumping is a behavior that has been passed down from wolf pups. Wolf pups greet their mothers by jumping to have their mothers regurgitate food.

Although these are natural behaviors for dogs we must teach our dogs how to appropriately greet guests and also show our dogs how to live in our human world!

How to Train Dog To Stop Jumping

Train Dog To Stop Jumping

The very first step to train dog to stop jumping is about setting our pup to be successful! 

That means having your dog on a leash to prevent your pup from rehearsing any behaviors you don’t like such as jumping.


As mentioned earlier setting your pup up to be successful is key! 

Using the leash early on will allow you to prevent your pup from practicing the behavior of jumping! 

As a rule of thumb, the more your pup practices a behavior the stronger the behavior will be. 

As dog owners we want our dogs to rehearse behaviors that are appropriate to create good habits, not bad ones!

Prevention when it comes to jumping is key, having your dog on a leash makes this immensely easier!

Again Step one is to have your pup on a leash to prevent your dog from rehearsing the behavior of jumping.

Input Alternative Behavior

Train Dog To Stop Jumping

If the first step is stopping and interrupting your dog from rehearsing behaviors you don’t want.

The second step is showing your pup what is the correct behavior when greeting guests, instead of jumping.

An alternative behavior to ask your pup to perform instead of jumping is a “sit” because sitting is a completely incompatible behavior with jumping!

Meaning that if your dog is sitting he/she can’t be jumping at the same time!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

If your pup loves to jump on the guest you be aware that this is something you will have to continuously practice with your pup.

You can’t assume that asking your dog to sit one time when guests arrive will solve your pup’s jumping issue forever.

To ensure your pup creates a habit out of sitting to greet guests instead of jumping you want to consistently practice this with your pup!

What’s the best way to practice you ask?

Well, it’s simple if you live with another person, a roommate, a wife-husband, etc.. you can use them to your advantage!

Here’s How:

Ask your roommate or guest to send you a message whenever there on there a way to your home. That way you can get your pup on a leash, get his/her treats, and be prepared!

Whenever your guest arrives ask them to ignore your pup. ( If your pup loves jumping up on guests let’s not make it harder for your pup to make the right decision.

Ask your pup to sit near the guest and reward your pup for sitting

If your pup tries jumping use the leash to prevent your pup then guide your pup away and re-ask for a sit

The only Time your Dog gets to greet your guest is when your pup is sitting and calm, if your pup is antsy just wait until your pup calms down.


Train Dog To Stop Jumping

Following these steps begin teaching your pup that the only time he/she gets to get access to what your dog wants is by remaining calm and not jumping!

Train dog to stop jumping doesn’t have to be hard all it takes is a bit of patience and consistency!

To awaken your dog’s true potential contact us here or Give us a call!

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