training dog not to run out front door
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Train Your Dog to Stop Running Out The Front Door!

If you are struggling with training dogs not to run out the front door, you are probably worried about all the things that your dog might get into!

We have all seen it, a dog might get lost, or even worst, get into an accident, which is the last thing we want for your pup.

Training Your Dog Not To Run Out The Front Door!

Training your dog to not run out the front door comes down to teaching your dog to control his urges.

We are going to start showing you how you can start teaching your dog that there are house rules that need to be followed.

Becoming Relevant To Your Dog

Becoming relevant to your dog is the most important aspect of teaching your dog not to fly out the front door every time the door opens!

More often than not, if your dog runs out the door in front of you, chances are your dog does not view you as “relevant” in his eyes.

So in order to ensure that your pup starts to pay more attention to you, you want to start to re-establish the way your dog views you in your relationship.

The only way to accomplish this is through consistent structure and training!

The way that your dog’s structure should look is something like:

  • 7 AM Take out to potty
  • 7:30 AM Use your dog’s food to reward eye contact and feed his food
  • 10 AM 2nd Walk

The point of providing your dog with structure is to start getting your pup into a consistent routine. It also starts to teach your dog that everything occurs through you.

This means that your dog doesn’t do anything without your say-so.

You want to start teaching your dog to start paying more attention to you, not to ignore you.

Too much freedom can cause a dog to start making bad decisions.

What we want to do is first teach our dog the correct behavior before even holding him accountable for doing the bad one

Think about it-can you be mad at your dog for doing the wrong behavior if you have never taught him the right behavior?

Using Your current tools to your advantage!

Once you have become relevant and re-established the way your dog views you within your relationship, it’s time to start using the tools at your disposal to your advantage!

What do I mean by tools?
I’m referring to:


The first tool is the leash which is critical in initially preventing your dog from darting out the door, remember the more your dog practices a behavior the more it will become a habit

Long Line

The long line is great for practicing being at a distance from your dog and still having a way to block and enforce your dog not running out the door.


Treats are important in getting your dog to stop running out the door because you want to reward your pup for performing the correct behavior and not running out the door

The Door

The door is one of the best tools you have access to because you can close the door and shutoff access to the outside environment when ever your pup might feel the urge to run.

and of course, the outside environment!

You want to have your dog on leash at all times until you are 100% sure that your furry friend won’t bolt out the door.

Teaching Door Way Thresholds

What you want to start practicing is what we call “doorway thresh-holds”.

This is basically teaching your dog boundaries before you walk through the door.

To Begin:

  1. Have your dog on a leash next to you when you’re about to walk through the door
  2. You always want to be aware of your dog’s current state of mind.
  3. If your dog tries to dart when you open the door, use the leash to prevent your dog from running through the door.
  4. Use the door to your advantage and close it every time that your dog tries to run or go through the door before you.
  5. You also want to tell your dog to “wait” before opening the door.
  6. when you do want your dog to walk through the door, give your dog a cue, letting him know it’s okay to walk through the door

Remember, you have access to the reward that your dog wants, which is the environment outside so it’s time to use it to your advantage.

Essentially, you’re teaching your dog that to get what he wants, he has to wait until you give him the say-so.

With enough repetition, you’ll start to notice that your dog will start to wait at the door, and even look up at you.

Once your dog is able to patiently wait at the door you can say “good” and give your pup a treat.

Once your ready, you can start to open the door all the way and have your dog wait until you’re ready to walk through the door.

When you are finally ready to have your dog walk through the door you can give him a cue such as “yes” signifying to your dog that it’s okay to walk through the door.

Put yourself in a position to help your pup

Remember that dogs will do anything that is rewarding, and for your pup, it might be to run out the door and get access to something outside.

In training your dog not to run out of the front door, you have to also be able to put yourself in a position to help.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that you have to put yourself in the position to prevent your dog from continuing to make the mistake of running out the door!

Dogs don’t know any better until you take the time to teach them.

So, in order to teach your dog from running out the door, you have to be able to stop your dog from running out by using your tools to your advantage.

If you can’t trust your dog to not run out the front door why not have your dog on a leash?

By having your dog on a leash you put yourself in a position to help your dog from making the same mistakes over again.

Set Your Pup up for Success

Setting your dog up to succeed is one of the most important aspects of teaching your dog anything!

By setting your dog up to succeed, I’m referring to you set everything up so that your dog has a chance to win.

For instance, if your dog isn’t able to listen to you in the comfort of your own home, you can’t expect your dog to listen in the presence of distractions.

Distractions such as the front door open with the outside environment tempting your dog with different sights, sounds, and smells.

Setting your dog up to succeed means taking the time to show your dog what certain behaviors will grant him access to what he wants, while still not pushing your dog too far, too soon before being ready for what’s next!

To awaken your dog’s true potential contact us here or Give us a call!

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