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Traveling With Your Dog

Do you know how to travel prep with dogs?

With Summer around the corner, and adventures on a high, knowing how to properly prepare to travel with your dog will make you and your pup’s life so much easier. Knowing how to travel prep with dogs will help to make your pup as comfortable as possible, and your life as easy as possible, will make the transition stress free!

First thing you will have to do is evaluate how your dog feels about a certain travel method. Is your dog nervous or anxious when traveling? Does he get destructive? Knowing how your dog acts in a given situation will tell you how to proceed. You initially want to create a positive experience for your dog in what ever mode of transportation you are taking. 

Some ways that you can teach your dog to be comfortable while traveling is by using his food or favorite treats in order to make him have the association with something positive, such as his food, and where he is being rewarded. Ex: If your dog is nervous or anxious next to the car, feed and reward your dog next to the car, then open the door and reward your dog for remaining calm after you open the car door. Once he’s comfortable with the outside of the car, you may want to toss a couple of treats into the car, so your dog will want to jump in and get the treat! You essentially want to teach your dog that the car is positive!

Once your dog is comfortable being in what ever the mode of transportation you will be traveling in, you want to provide your dog with some entertainment, such as a chew toy so that your dog will have something positive to put his energy into instead of chewing on your car!

Aside from ensuring that your dog is comfortable while traveling, you want to make sure you made a check list of everything you will need when traveling with your dog.

Some of these might include, but are not limited to: 

  • Water
  • Portable bowl
  • Blankets/dog seat cover
  • Chewtoys
  • Poop bags
  • Collars/ Leashes 
  • Toys
  • Your dogs food
  • Treats
  •  Any medication that your dog may need
  • Seat belt clips
  • And more 

Traveling with your dog does not have to be stressful, and when approached the right way, you’ll ensure that your dog is comfortable and your travels will be smooth sailing!

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