Understand your breed
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Understand Your Breed | Beyond Appearance

Do you clearly understand your breed?

Getting a new puppy or adopting an older dog can be an exciting endeavor, but with so many adorable pups to choose from, you may be asking your self which breed is right for you. From long haired breeds to short haired, small chihuahua or a big great dane, picking a breed that physically appeals to you is a no brainer, but keep in mind that choosing the right breed goes beyond the dog’s appearance. It also plays a huge role in behavioral tendencies!

Now, what I mean by that is that specific breeds share more characteristics than just looks. For example, if you were to compare two completely different breeds such as a labrador retriever and a german shepherd, you would come to realize that although they obviously look different, you would notice that their behavior, for the majority of these two breeds, would  be completely different.

For instance, take this scenario from a labrador retriever that may see a complete stranger; his reaction would likely be to instantly act excited, loving, and going crazy to greet the stranger as if he’d known them his whole life. Compared to a german shepherd in the same scenario, the shepherd would be more reserved and not as excited to see the stranger, one might also say that the shepherd may become protective as well.

These are two completely different dogs with two completely different behavioral tendencies. Another example would be the american pitbull terrier, which was originally bred for dog fighting, and you can see that genetically it does have a higher tendency towards dog aggression than other breeds, the same way that the german shepherd has a higher protective behavioral tendency and the labrador has a more affectionate behavioral tendency!

That isn’t to say that every pitbull is dog aggressive or that every labrador is excited to meet you, but there are genetic and behavioral tendencies that specific breeds have over others. With that in mind, be aware of the breed you have and learn to understand your specific breed more!

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